260 total packages

Package Title Owner Last Updated Stars
admbsecr SECR models with supplementary location information b-steve 14/10/2014 3
agebyname Explore name vs. age relationship based on data from SS and Census ramnathv 02/06/2014 6
ALA4R Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) data and resources in R AtlasOfLivingAustralia 25/07/2015 5
alluvial Alluvial Diagrams mbojan 09/07/2014 6
analogsea Interface to 'Digital Ocean' sckott 10/10/2014 16
animaker Generating Animation Timelines pmur002 10/06/2013 5
aRbor An R package with useful functions for Arbor workflows arborworkflows 10/07/2015 4
arcdiagram Plot pretty arc diagrams gastonstat 14/09/2014 26
aRxiv Interface to the arXiv API ropensci 16/09/2014 4
autoplot Automatic plotting with ggplot2 jiho 11/09/2014 6
autoroxy What the package does (short line) krlmlr 12/12/2013 3
bbscrapeR Tools for collecting basketball data from and cpsievert 03/02/2014 3
berrylogo A seqLogo alternative leipzig 26/07/2013 6
betfair Betfair API R Implementation bwlewis 26/10/2011 5
bigrquery An Interface to Google's BigQuery API hadley 15/10/2014 56
bookdown What the package does (short line)
breedR Statistical methods for forest genetic resources analysts famuvie 19/09/2014 3
broom Convert Statistical Analysis Objects into Tidy Data Frames dgrtwo 16/10/2014 70
buster Bagging on hierarchical clustering SimonRaper 16/07/2014 3
caretEnsemble Ensembles of Caret Models zachmayer 09/09/2014 27
CausalImpact Inferring causal impact using Bayesian structural time-series models google 15/09/2014 200
checkmate Fast and Versatile Argument Checks mllg 16/06/2014 4
CodeDepends Analysis of R code for reproducible research and code comprehension duncantl 28/04/2014 4
coenocliner Coenocline Simulation gavinsimpson 27/07/2014 3
Coldbir Column database in R SwedishPensionsAgency 31/01/2014 8