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Statistical Tests for Genetic Association Studies

R package with statistical tests and methods for genetic association studies with emphasis on rare variants and binary (dichotomous) traits

Functions in AssotesteR

Name Description
CMAT CMAT: Cumulative Minor Allele Test
BST BST: Bayesian Score Test
SEQSUM SEQSUM: Sequential Sum Score Test
VT VT: Variable Threshold
ASCORE ASCORE: Adaptive Score Test
SKAT SKAT: Sequence Kernel Association Test
RBT RBT: Replication Based Test
TTEST TTEST: Hotelling T2 Test
WST WST: Weighted Score Test
SSUW SSUW: Weighted Sum of Squared Score U Statistic
ORWSS ORWSS: Odds Ratio Weighted Sum Statistic
AssotesteR-internal Internal AssotesteR objects
UMINP UMINP: Univariate minP (minimum p-value)
CMC CMC: Combined Multivariate and Collapsing Method
ASSUW ASSUW: Adaptive Sum of Squared Score U Statistic
ASSU ASSU: Adaptive Sum of Squared Score U Statistic
AssotesteR-package Statistical Tests for Genetic Association Studies
CAST CAST: Cohort Allelic Sums Test
SUM SUM: Sum Test
RVT1 RVT1: Rare Variant Test 1 for dichotomous traits
CARV CARV: Comprehrensive Approach to Analyzing Rare Variants
MULTI MULTI: Multiple Tests
GDBR GDBR: Genomic Distance-Based Regression
SSU SSU: Sum of Squared Score U Statistic
SCORE SCORE: Score Test (from Logistic Regression)
CALPHA CALPHA: C-alpha Score Test
RWAS RWAS: Rare-Variant Weighted Aggregate Statistic
WSS WSS: Weighted Sum Statistic
genodata genodata
ASUM ASUM: Adaptive Sum Statistic
RVT2 RVT2: Rare Variant Test 2 for dichotomous traits
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Type Package
Date 2013-12-29
License GPL (>= 3)
LazyLoad yes
Collate 'ASCORE.Ord.R' 'ASCORE.R' 'ASSU.Ord.R' 'ASSU.R' 'ASSUW.Ord.R' 'ASSUW.R' 'ASUM.Ord.R' 'ASUM.R' 'AssotesteR-internal.R' 'BST.R' 'CALPHA.R' 'CARV.R' 'CAST.R' 'CMAT.R' 'CMC.R' 'GDBR.R' 'MULTI.R' 'ORWSS.R' 'RARECOVER.R' 'RBT.R' 'RVT1.R' 'RVT2.R' 'RWAS.R' 'SCORE.R' 'SEQSUM.R' 'SKAT.R' 'SSU.R' 'SSUW.R' 'SUM.R' 'TTEST.R' 'UMINP.R' 'VT.R' 'WSS.R' 'WST.R' 'gdbr_IBS.R' 'gdbr_wIBS.R' 'kernel_IBS.R' 'kernel_twowayx.R' 'kernel_wIBS.R' 'my_check.R' 'print.assoctest.R'
Packaged 2013-12-18 21:54:01 UTC; Gaston
NeedsCompilation yes
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2013-12-19 00:09:14
depends mvtnorm
Contributors Gaston Sanchez

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