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Branch-Exclusive Splits Trees

Decision tree algorithm with a major feature added. Allows for users to define an ordering on the partitioning process. Resulting in Branch-Exclusive Splits Trees (BEST). Cedric Beaulac and Jeffrey S. Rosentahl (2019) <arXiv:1804.10168>.

Functions in BESTree

Name Description
BEST Main function of the package. It produces Classification Trees with Branch-Exclusive variables.
TreePruning Uses a Validation Set to select the best trees within the list of pruned trees.
VI Produces a variable important analysis using the mean decrease in node impurity
BESTForest Generates a random forest of BEST trees
MPredict Classify a set of new observation points
BaggedBEST Performs Bootstrap Aggregating of BEST trees
Fit Data generated according to decision tree for simulation purposes
Data Data generated according to decision tree for simulation purposes
Predict Classify a new observation point
FPredict Emits prediction from a forest of BEST's
Acc Computes the proportion of matching terms in two vectors of the same length. Used to compute the accuracy for prediction on test set.
ForgeVA Quickly build the Available Variable list necessary for BEST This list contains details as to which variables is available for the partitioning. It also contains which variables are gating variables.
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Type Package
License MIT + file LICENSE
Encoding UTF-8
LazyData true
RoxygenNote 6.1.1
VignetteBuilder knitr
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-08-08 16:22:38 UTC; The Beast
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-08-09 11:00:02 UTC

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