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Tools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment

Contains tools for survey statistics (especially in educational assessment) for datasets with replication designs (jackknife, bootstrap, replicate weights; see Kolenikov, 2010; Pfefferman & Rao, 2009a, 2009b, <doi:10.1016/S0169-7161(09)70003-3>, <doi:10.1016/S0169-7161(09)70037-9>); Shao, 1996, <doi:10.1080/02331889708802523>). Descriptive statistics, linear and logistic regression, path models for manifest variables with measurement error correction and two-level hierarchical regressions for weighted samples are included. Statistical inference can be conducted for multiply imputed datasets and nested multiply imputed datasets and is in particularly suited for the analysis of plausible values (for details see George, Oberwimmer & Itzlinger-Bruneforth, 2016; Bruneforth, Oberwimmer & Robitzsch, 2016; Robitzsch, Pham & Yanagida, 2016; <doi:10.17888/fdb-demo:bistE813I-16a>). The package development was supported by BIFIE (Federal Institute for Educational Research, Innovation and Development of the Austrian School System; Salzburg, Austria).



Tools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment

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The manual may be found here

CRAN version

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The official version of BIFIEsurvey is hosted on CRAN and may be found here. The CRAN version can be installed from within R using:


GitHub version

The version hosted here is the development version of BIFIEsurvey. The GitHub version can be installed using devtools as:


Functions in BIFIEsurvey

Name Description
BIFIE.linreg Linear Regression
data.test1 Some Datasets for Testing Purposes
data.timss Dataset TIMSS 2011
BIFIE.crosstab Cross Tabulation
BIFIE.lavaan.survey Fitting a Model in lavaan or in survey
BIFIE.pathmodel Path Model Estimation
BIFIE.hist Histogram
BIFIEsurvey-utilities Utility Functions in BIFIEsurvey
BIFIE.mva Missing Value Analysis
bifietable An Rcpp Based Version of the table Function
BIFIE.logistreg Logistic Regression
data.bifie Example Datasets for the BIFIEsurvey Package
BIFIE.univar.test Analysis of Variance and Effect Sizes for Univariate Statistics
data.pisaNLD Some PISA Datasets
BIFIE.univar Univariate Descriptive Statistics (Means and Standard Deviations)
BIFIEsurvey-package BIFIEsurvey
save.BIFIEdata Saving, Writing and Loading BIFIEdata Objects
BIFIE.twolevelreg Two Level Regression
BIFIEdata2svrepdesign Conversion of a BIFIEdata Object into a svyrep Object in the survey Package (and the other way around)
se Standard Errors of Estimated Parameters
BIFIE.ecdf Empirical Distribution Function and Quantiles
BIFIE.freq Frequency Statistics
BIFIE.waldtest Wald Tests for BIFIE Methods Creates an Object of Class BIFIEdata
BIFIE.correl Correlations and Covariances Statistics for User Defined Functions
BIFIE.BIFIEdata2BIFIEcdata Conversion and Selection of BIFIEdata Objects Selection of Variables and Imputed Datasets for Objects of Class BIFIEdata Create Object with Jackknife Zones Data Transformation for BIFIEdata Objects
BIFIE.derivedParameters Statistical Inference for Derived Parameters Create Object based on Bootstrap
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