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Bayesian Neural Network for High-Dimensional Nonlinear Variable Selection

Perform Bayesian variable selection for high-dimensional nonlinear systems and also can be used to test nonlinearity for a general regression problem. The computation can be accelerated using multiple CPUs. You can refer to <doi:10.1080/01621459.2017.1409122> for more detail.

Functions in BNN

Name Description
BNN-package Bayesian Neural Networks for High-Dimensional Nonlinear Variable Selection
BNNprior Prior Probability of Bayesian Neural Networks
BNNsel Bayesian Neural Network for Variable Selection
Topotecan Example dataset
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Type Package
Date 2018-02-02
License GPL-2
LazyLoad true
Packaged 2018-02-02 21:29:02 UTC; jia97
NeedsCompilation yes
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-02-02 21:51:53 UTC
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