BSgenome v1.40.1

by H Pages

Infrastructure for Biostrings-based genome data packages and support for efficient SNP representation

Infrastructure shared by all the Biostrings-based genome data packages

Functions in BSgenome

Name Description
getSeq-methods getSeq methods for BSgenome and XStringSet objects
available.genomes Find available/installed genomes
bsapply bsapply
injectSNPs SNP injection
SNPlocs-class SNPlocs objects
BSgenomeForge The BSgenomeForge functions
BSgenomeViews-class BSgenomeViews objects
XtraSNPlocs-class XtraSNPlocs objects
BSgenome-class BSgenome objects
BSgenome-utils BSgenome utilities
BSParams-class Class "BSParams"
export-methods Export a BSgenome object as a FASTA or twoBit file
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Encoding UTF-8
biocViews Genetics, Infrastructure, DataRepresentation, SequenceMatching, Annotation, SNP
License Artistic-2.0
LazyLoad yes
Collate utils.R OnDiskLongTable-class.R OnDiskNamedSequences-class.R SNPlocs-class.R InjectSNPsHandler-class.R XtraSNPlocs-class.R BSgenome-class.R available.genomes.R injectSNPs.R getSeq-methods.R bsapply.R BSgenomeViews-class.R BSgenome-utils.R export-methods.R BSgenomeForge.R

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