BiocContributions v0.99.70

Convenience functions for adding packages to the svn repository

A set of tools for cleaning up, post-processing, adding packages to the repository, and for emailing people etc.

Functions in BiocContributions

Name Description
add_data_experiment_permisions Helper function to Add Data Experiment Permissions
add_packages Add packages to SVN
bioc_views_classification Extract and validiate biocViews terms from tarball
as.issue Coerce to an issue object
clean_data_package Clean and copy a Data Experiment package
read_permissions Read authz permission file
write_permissions Write authz permission file
devteam Members of the devteam
users Retrieve the user list
assign_new_packages Assign new packages
tracker_login Login to the issue tracker
tabulate_activity Tabulate tracker activity
issue Retrieve all of the messages from an issue
post Post a message to an issue
clean Convenience functions for managing behind the scenes operations involved in adding packages to Bioconductor Repositories.
request_credentials Request new credentials for users
svn Declare an SVN instance
svn_auth_text Generate text to copy / paste into svn file Bioconductor.authz
standard_commit_message Generate a standard commit message for permission edits
accept_package Accept a package on the tracker
maintainers Retrieve the maintainers from a tarball
emailMaintainer Email a new user their credentials
add_software_permisions Helper function to Add Software Permissions
user_db Retrieve the remote user database
match_user See if a person already exists in the user db
proj_path Path to file (in the unix sense) within the project
edit_software_permissions Edit the software permissions
email Extract the email from an object
package_name Extract a packages name from a tarball
tracker_search Query the issue tracker
the storage object
workflow_standard Workflow steps
assign_packages Assign a specific package
download Download attachments from an issue
status_map Status code to name mapping
package_assignment_email Generate the package assignments email given code to run
edit_data_experiment_permissions Edit the data experiment permissions
run_commands Run commands on a file, possibly remote.
add_to_spreadsheet Add packages to the tracking worksheet
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License Artistic-2.0
biocViews Infrastructure
LazyLoad yes
RoxygenNote 5.0.1

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