BiocGenerics (version 0.18.0)

residuals: Extract model residuals


residuals is a generic function which extracts model residuals from objects returned by modeling functions.

NOTE: This man page is for the residuals S4 generic function defined in the BiocGenerics package. See ?stats::residuals for the default method (defined in the stats package). Bioconductor packages can define specific methods for objects not supported by the default method.


residuals(object, ...)


object, ...
See ?stats::residuals.


Residuals extracted from the object object.

See Also

  • stats::residuals for the default residuals method.

  • showMethods for displaying a summary of the methods defined for a given generic function.

  • selectMethod for getting the definition of a specific method.

  • residuals,PLMset-method in the affyPLM package for an example of a specific residuals method (defined for PLMset objects).

  • BiocGenerics for a summary of all the generics defined in the BiocGenerics package.


Run this code
selectMethod("residuals", "ANY")  # the default method

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