BiocInstaller v1.22.3

Install/Update Bioconductor, CRAN, and github Packages

This package is used to install and update Bioconductor, CRAN, and (some) github packages.

Functions in BiocInstaller

Name Description
biocinstallRepos Display current Bioconductor and CRAN repositories.
biocLite Install or update Bioconductor and CRAN packages
biocUpdatePackages Update previously installed Bioconductor or CRAN packages and their dependencies.
BiocUpgrade Upgrade Bioconductor to the latest version available for this version of R
Package Groups Convenience functions to return package names associated with Bioconductor publications.
useDevel Get the 'devel' version of the BiocInstaller package.
biocValid Validate installed package versions against biocLite versions.
biocVersion Bioconductor version
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biocViews Infrastructure
License Artistic-2.0

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