Enable parallel evaluation using registered dopar backend

This class is used to dispatch parallel operations to the dopar backend registered with the foreach package.

DoparParam(catch.errors = TRUE)

DoparParam can be used for shared or non-shared memory computing depending on what backend is loaded. The doSNOW package supports non-shared memory, doParallel supports both shared and non-shared. When not specified, the default number of workers in DoparParam is determined by getDoParWorkers(). See the foreach package vignette for details using the different backends:

DoparParam constructor

Return a proxy object that dispatches parallel evaluation to the registered foreach parallel backend. There are no options to the constructor. All configuration should be done through the normal interface to the foreach parallel backends.


The following generics are implemented and perform as documented on the corresponding help page (e.g., ?bpisup): bpworkers, bpstart, bpstop, bpisup, bpbackend, bpbackend<-, bpvec.

See Also

getClass("BiocParallelParam") for additional parameter classes.

register for registering parameter classes for use in parallel evaluation.

foreach-package for the parallel backend infrastructure used by this param class.

  • DoparParam-class
  • DoparParam
  • coerce,SOCKcluster,DoparParam-method
  • bpbackend,DoparParam-method
  • bpbackend<-,DoparParam,SOCKcluster-method
  • bpisup,DoparParam-method
  • bpstart,DoparParam-method
  • bpstop,DoparParam-method
  • bpworkers,DoparParam-method
  • show,DoparParam-method

## Not run: 
# # First register a parallel backend with foreach
# library(doParallel)
# registerDoParallel(2)
# p <- DoparParam()
# bplapply(1:10, sqrt, BPPARAM=p)
# bpvec(1:10, sqrt, BPPARAM=p)
# register(DoparParam(), default=TRUE)
# ## End(Not run)
Documentation reproduced from package BiocParallel, version 1.4.0, License: GPL-2 | GPL-3

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