BiocParallel v1.6.2

Bioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation

This package provides modified versions and novel implementation of functions for parallel evaluation, tailored to use with Bioconductor objects.



Bioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation (experimental)

Possible TODO

  • map/reduce-like function
  • bpforeach?
  • Abstract scheduler
  • lazy DoparParam
  • SnowParam support for setSeed, recursive, cleanup
  • subset SnowParam


  • encapsulate arguments as ParallelParam()
  • Standardize signatures
  • Make functions generics
  • parLapply-like function
  • Short vignette
  • elaborate SnowParam for SnowSocketParam, SnowForkParam, SnowMpiParam, ...
  • MulticoreParam on Windows

github notes

  • commit one-liners with names

    git log --pretty=format:"- %h %an: %s"


  • DoparParam does not pass foreach args (specifically access to .options.nws for chunking)

Functions in BiocParallel

Name Description
bpaggregate Apply a function on subsets of data frames
bpmapply Parallel mapply-like functionality
bpiterate Parallel iteration over an indeterminate number of data chunks
SerialParam-class Enable serial evaluation
bploop Internal Functions for SNOW-style Parallel Evaluation
SnowParam-class Enable simple network of workstations (SNOW)-style parallel evaluation
bptry Try expression evaluation, recovering from bperror signals
bpvectorize Transform vectorized functions into parallelized, vectorized function
DoparParam-class Enable parallel evaluation using registered dopar backend
bplapply Parallel lapply-like functionality
bpvec Parallel, vectorized evaluation
MulticoreParam-class Enable multi-core parallel evaluation
register Maintain a global registry of available back-end Params
BiocParallelParam-class BiocParallelParam objects
BatchJobsParam-class Enable parallelization on batch systems
bpschedule Schedule back-end Params
BiocParallel-package Bioconductor facilities for parallel evaluation
bpok Resume computation with partial results
bpvalidate Tools for developing functions for parallel execution in distributed memory
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biocViews Infrastructure
License GPL-2 | GPL-3
Collate AllGenerics.R BiocParallelParam-class.R bploop.R ErrorHandling.R log.R bpbackend-methods.R bpisup-methods.R bplapply-methods.R bpmapply-methods.R bpiterate-methods.R bpschedule-methods.R bpstart-methods.R bpstop-methods.R bpvec-methods.R bpvectorize-methods.R bpworkers-methods.R bpaggregate-methods.R bpvalidate.R SnowParam-class.R MulticoreParam-class.R register.R SerialParam-class.R DoparParam-class.R SnowParam-utils.R BatchJobsParam-class.R progress.R utilities.R zzz.R
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