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Improved Access for Blind Users

Blind users do not have access to the graphical output from R without printing the content of graphics windows to an embosser of some kind. This is not as immediate as is required for efficient access to statistical output. The functions here are created so that blind people can make even better use of R. This includes the text descriptions of graphs, convenience functions to replace the functionality offered in many GUI front ends, and experimental functionality for optimising graphical content to prepare it for embossing as tactile images.

Functions in BrailleR

Name Description
DataViewer Open a data object in your chosen spreadsheet software
MakeAllFormats Prepare the options for conversion of an R markdown file.
Require Load a package by installing it if necessary
NewFunction Create a template for a new function
FindReplace Find/Replace text in a file
Embossers Prepare BrailleR settings for specific braille embossers
SVGThis Save commonly used graphs as structured SVG files.
OneFactor Analysis for a continuous response for one group factor
WTF What's this figure?
ViewSVG Create the necessary files to allow interactive viewing of SVG
history View the history of the current workspace
Notepad Open standard Windows tools quickly
GetWriteR Download and install software (Windows users only)
OnePredictor Exploration of the relationship between a response and a single predictor
ThreeFactors A convenience function for a Three-way analysis
boxplot Create a standard boxplot with a few extra elements added to the output object
Options Set package options
MakeBatch Create batch files for processing R scripts and markdown files under Windows
JoinBlindRUG Send an email based on a template
Internal Internal functions for the BrailleR package
MakeAccessibleSVGMethod Create matched pairs of SVG and XML files to make an accessible graph experience.
TwoFactors A convenience function for a two-way analysis
WriteR Getting started with WriteR
dotplot create a dotplot using stripchart
unfinished Unfinished Methods to help vision impaired users
R2txtJG Save a transcript of commands and/or output to a text file.
SetupBrailleR Establish the BrailleR folder for the user
SpellCheckFiles Spell checking a file or all files within a specified folder
MakeRmdFiles Work flow convenience functions
MakeReadable Convert line breaks in vignette documentation
MakeRprofile Load BrailleR on Startup in Current Working Directory
GetExampleText extract the example text from a help page
GetGoing Set options for using brailleR
SpellCheck A spell checking interface
TSPlot Create a standard time series plot with a few extra elements added to the output object
MakeSlideShow Turn a set of Rmd files into an HTML slide show
CheckIt Investigate data objects
sort.VIgraph Sort VI.ggplot points list
WhereXY Count points in a scatter plot
VI.ggplot VI for graphs created using ggplot2
ScatterPlot Create a standard scatter plot with a few extra elements added to the output object
pdf2html Convert a pdf file to html
VI Methods to help vision impaired users
UpdateGraph extract or alter graph parameters
SetOptions Functions for setting package options.
UniDesc Descriptive statistics and graphs for univariate data
grep.VIgraph String manipulation of the output produced by VI.ggplot
hist Create a standard histogram with a few extra elements added to the output object
AutoSpellCheck Automatic fixing of typos
AddXMLInternal Internal functions for adding the necessary XML content for accessible graphs in SVG format
AugmentMethod add additional detail to the stored object for a graph
BrailleR-package Improved Access for Blind Users
BRLThis Convert a graph to a pdf ready for embossing
CleanCSV clean out unwanted white space from a csv file
AddXMLMethod Create XML files to sit alongside SVG files in order to make an accessible graph experience.
BrailleRUsefulLinks Open the home page for the BrailleR Project, the Google search engine, the BrailleR in Action book, or the Let's Use R Now (LURN) book in your browser
BrowseSVG Launches a browser tab to explore SVG diagram
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Type Package
Repository CRAN
License GPL-2
SystemRequirements Python 3 and wxPython 4.0
VignetteBuilder knitr
RoxygenNote 6.0.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2020-01-21 22:14:53 UTC; ajgodfre
Date/Publication 2020-01-22 11:20:19 UTC

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