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Very Large Numbers in R

Handles very large numbers in R. Real numbers are held using their natural logarithms, plus a logical flag indicating sign. The package includes a vignette that gives a step-by-step introduction to using S4 methods.

Functions in Brobdingnag

Name Description
Complex Real and imaginary manipulation
Brobdingnag-package Brobdingnag
cbrob Combine Brobdingnagian vectors
brob-class Class "brob"
brob Brobdingnagian numbers
getP Get and set methods for brob objects
length-methods Get lengths of brobs and glubs
Extract.brob Extract or Replace Parts of brobs or glubs
plot Basic plotting of Brobs
glub-class Class "glub"
glub Glubbdubdribian numbers: complex numbers with Brobdingnagian real and imaginary parts
Logic Logical operations on brobs
Math Various logarithmic and circular functions for brobs
Print Methods for printing brobs and glubs
swift-class Class "swift"
Arith-methods Methods for Function Arith in package Brobdingnag
Compare-methods Methods for Function Compare in Package Brobdingnag
sum Various summary statistics for brobs and glubs
as.numeric Coerces to numeric or complex form
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Vignettes of Brobdingnag

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Type Package
Date 2018-08-08
LazyLoad yes
License GPL
Repository CRAN
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-08-10 01:21:37 UTC; rhankin
Date/Publication 2018-08-13 13:20:03 UTC

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