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Circular Statistics, from "Topics in Circular Statistics" (2001)

Circular Statistics, from "Topics in Circular Statistics" (2001) S. Rao Jammalamadaka and A. SenGupta, World Scientific.

Functions in CircStats

Name Description
r.test Rayleigh Test of Uniformity: General Unimodal Alternative
kuiper Kuiper's Test
rvm Random Generation from the von Mises Distribution
rao.table Table for Rao spacing function
watson Watson's Test
rad Radians
rcard Random Generation from the Cardoid Distribution
pvm Cummulative Probability for the von Mises Distribution
dmixedvm Mixture of von Mises Distributions
pp.plot von Mises Probability-Probability Plot
rwrpnorm Random Generation from the Wrapped Normal Distribution
rtri Random Generation from the Triangular Distribution
rstable Random Generator for Stable Family of Distributions
watson.two Watson's Two-Sample Test of Homogeneity Bootstrap Confidence Intervals von Mises Maximum Likelihood Estimates
est.kappa Estimate Kappa
rwrpcauchy Random Generation from the Wrapped Cauchy Distribution
est.rho Mean Resultant Length
trig.moment Trigonometric Moments
v0.test Rayleigh Test of Uniformity: Alternative with Specified Mean Direction
rao.homogeneity Rao's Tests for Homogeneity
rwrpstab Random Generation from the Wrapped Stable Distribution
rao.spacing Rao's Spacing Test of Uniformity Wrapped Cauchy Maximum Likelihood Estimates
plotedf Plot Empirical Distribution Function
rose.diag Rose Diagram
rmixedvm Random Generation from the Mixed von Mises Distribution
I.p P-th Order Bessel Function of the First Kind
circ.mean Mean Direction
circ.cor Correlation Coefficient for Angular Variables
circ.plot Circular Data Plot
A1inv Inverse of A1
I.0 Zeroth Order Bessel Function of the First Kind
I.1 First Order Bessel Function of the First Kind
circ.disp Circular Dispersion
deg Degrees
A1 Ratio of First and Zeroth Order Bessel Functions Change Point Test
circ.reg Circular-Circular Regression
circ.range Circular Range
dtri Triangular Density Function
dwrpcauchy Wrapped Cauchy Density Function
dvm von Mises Density Function
dwrpnorm Wrapped Normal Density Function
circ.summary Circular Summary Statistics
dcard Cardioid Density Function
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