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Analysis of R Code for Reproducible Research and Code Comprehension

Tools for analyzing R expressions or blocks of code and determining the dependencies between them. It focuses on R scripts, but can be used on the bodies of functions. There are many facilities including the ability to summarize or get a high-level view of code, determining dependencies between variables, code improvement suggestions.

Functions in CodeDepends

Name Description
asVarName asVarName
inputCollector Create customized input/output collector for use in getInputs
runUpToSection Evaluate the code blocks up to a particular section of a document
funchandlers Specifying custom processing behavior, Function handlers and handler factories
splitRedefinitions Divide a script into separate lists of code based on redefinition of a variable
guessTaskType Guess the type of high-level task of a code block
highlightCode Display R code with highlighting of variables, links to functions and packages
makeVariableGraph Create a graph describing the relationships between variables in a script
updatingScript Create a Script object that re-reads the original file as needed
findWhenUnneeded Determine the code block after which a variable can be explicitly removed
getPropagateChanges Determine which expressions to update when a variable changes
getInputs Get input and output variables and literals from R expressions
getDependsThread Compute which code blocks in a script are inputs to define a variable
getVariableDepends Determine dependencies for code blocks
getExpressionThread Find the sequence of expressions needed to get to a certain point in the code
getDetailedTimelines Compute and plot life cycle of variables in code
Script-class The Script class and elements
readScript Read the code blocks/chunks from a document
historyAsScript Convert R interactive history to a Script object
makeCallGraph Create a graph representing which functions call other functions
getVariables Get the names of the variables used in code
makeTaskGraph Create a graph connecting the tasks within a script
separateExpressionBlocks Convert a script into individual top-level calls
sourceVariable Evaluate code in document in order to define the specified variables
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