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Interface to Diverse Estimation Methods of Causal Networks

Unified interface for the estimation of causal networks, including the methods 'backShift' (from package 'backShift'), 'bivariateANM' (bivariate additive noise model), 'bivariateCAM' (bivariate causal additive model), 'CAM' (causal additive model) (from package 'CAM'; the package is temporarily unavailable on the CRAN repository; formerly available versions can be obtained from the archive), 'hiddenICP' (invariant causal prediction with hidden variables), 'ICP' (invariant causal prediction) (from package 'InvariantCausalPrediction'), 'GES' (greedy equivalence search), 'GIES' (greedy interventional equivalence search), 'LINGAM', 'PC' (PC Algorithm), 'FCI' (fast causal inference), 'RFCI' (really fast causal inference) (all from package 'pcalg') and regression.

Functions in CompareCausalNetworks

Name Description
simDataInv Data from a causal model with interventions
getParentsStable Estimate the connectivity matrix of a causal graph using stability selection.
getRanking Estimate a ranking of edges for causal relations in the underlying graph structure using stability ranking.
CompareCausalNetworks-package Compare estimates of causal graphs using a unified interface to various methods
getParents Estimate the connectivity matrix of a causal graph
simulateInterventions Simulate data of a causal (possibly cyclic model) under interventions.
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Type Package
Date 2020-02-17
License GPL
LazyData true
RoxygenNote 7.0.2
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2020-02-17 10:26:10 UTC; heinzec
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-02-17 19:00:42 UTC

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