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by Qingyuan Zhao

Cross-Screening in Observational Studies that Test Many Hypotheses

Cross-screening is a new method that uses both random halves of the sample to screen and test many hypotheses. It generally improves statistical power in observational studies when many hypotheses are tested simultaneously. References: 1. Qingyuan Zhao, Dylan S Small, and Paul R Rosenbaum. Cross-screening in observational studies that test many hypotheses. <arXiv:1703.02078>. 2. Qingyuan Zhao. On sensitivity value of pair-matched observational studies. <arXiv:1702.03442>.

Functions in CrossScreening

Name Description
cross.screen Cross-screening
fallback.test Fallback procedure for multiple testing
methotrexate Methotrexate workers
multrnks Approximate scores for ranks.
recycle.test Recycling procedure for multiple testing
kappa2gamma Transform sensitivity parameter in different scales
lead Lead in children
sen Sensivity analysis with signed score test Point estimate and confidence interval for sensitivity analysis
sen.value Compute sensitivity value
CrossScreening-package Cross-screening for observational studies
bonferroni.fg Bonferroni's correction with fixed
nhanes.log2diff Obtains treatment-minus-control differences in the
power.sen Power of sensitivity analysis Health effects of fish Pair matching result
table5 Generate Table 5 of the paper
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