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A DBI backend is an R package which imports the DBI and methods packages. For better or worse, the names of many existing backends start with ‘R’, e.g., RSQLite, RMySQL, RSQLServer; it is up to the backend author to adopt this convention or not.

DBI classes and methods

A backend defines three classes, which are subclasses of '>DBIDriver, '>DBIConnection, and '>DBIResult. The backend provides implementation for all methods of these base classes that are defined but not implemented by DBI. All methods have an ellipsis ... in their formals.

Construction of the DBIDriver object

The backend must support creation of an instance of its '>DBIDriver subclass with a constructor function. By default, its name is the package name without the leading ‘R’ (if it exists), e.g., SQLite for the RSQLite package. However, backend authors may choose a different name. The constructor must be exported, and it must be a function that is callable without arguments. DBI recommends to define a constructor with an empty argument list.

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