dbExistsTable() returns a logical scalar, TRUE if the table or view specified by the name argument exists, FALSE otherwise. This includes temporary tables if supported by the database.

An error is raised when calling this method for a closed or invalid connection. An error is also raised if name cannot be processed with dbQuoteIdentifier() or if this results in a non-scalar.

Additional arguments

TBD: temporary = NA

This must be provided as named argument. See the "Specification" section for details on their usage.


The name argument is processed as follows, to support databases that allow non-syntactic names for their objects:

  • If an unquoted table name as string: dbExistsTable() will do the quoting, perhaps by calling dbQuoteIdentifier(conn, x = name)

  • If the result of a call to dbQuoteIdentifier(): no more quoting is done

For all tables listed by dbListTables(), dbExistsTable() returns TRUE.

  • spec_sql_exists_table
Documentation reproduced from package DBItest, version 1.5-2, License: LGPL (>= 2)

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