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Did You Mean?

Add a "Did You Mean" feature to the R interactive. With this package, error messages for misspelled input of variable names or package names suggest what you really want to do in addition to notification of the mistake.

Functions in DYM

Name Description
getMissingVariable Finds the misspelled object.
findSimilarName Looks for approximate matches to x (the first argument) within name (the second) argument.
isVariableName Checks if the given name is valid as a variable name for R.
getNames Retrieves available symbols in the specified environment.
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Type Package
Date 2016-01-19
License BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE
BugReports https://github.com/kos59125/DYM/issues
Encoding UTF-8
RoxygenNote 5.0.1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-01-22 09:01:51 UTC; abe
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-01-22 10:48:35
imports stats , utils
suggests testthat
Contributors Kosei Abe, Richard Cotton

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