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Declare and Diagnose Research Designs

Researchers can characterize and learn about the properties of research designs before implementation using `DeclareDesign`. Ex ante declaration and diagnosis of designs can help researchers clarify the strengths and limitations of their designs and to improve their properties, and can help readers evaluate a research strategy prior to implementation and without access to results. It can also make it easier for designs to be shared, replicated, and critiqued.

Functions in DeclareDesign

Name Description
expand_design Declare a design via a designer
set_diagnosands Set the diagnosands for a design
declare_step Declare a custom step
reshape_diagnosis Clean up a diagnosis object for printing
deprecated Deprecated functions
reexports Objects exported from other packages
clone_dot_edit_env Override environment via shim
simulate_design Simulate a design
post_design Explore your design
+.dd Add steps to create a design
diagnose_design Diagnose the design
declare_potential_outcomes Declare potential outcomes
diagnosis_helpers Explore your design diagnosis
modify_design Modify a design after the fact
run_design Execute a design
print_code Print code to recreate a design
expand_conditions Expand assignment conditions
set_citation Set the citation of a design
redesign Redesign
declare_estimand Declare estimand
declare_estimator Declare estimator
declare_assignment Declare assignment procedure
diagnosand_handler Declare diagnosands
DeclareDesign DeclareDesign package
cite_design Obtain the preferred citation for a design
declare_reveal Declare a reveal outcomes step
declare_sampling Declare sampling procedure
declare_population Declare the size and features of the population
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