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Library of Research Designs

A simple interface to build designs using the package 'DeclareDesign'. In one line of code, users can specify the parameters of individual designs and diagnose their properties. The designers can also be used to compare performance of a given design across a range of combinations of parameters, such as effect size, sample size, and assignment probabilities.

Functions in DesignLibrary

Name Description Argument matching with defaults
DesignLibrary DesignLibrary: A package for creating designs
binary_iv_designer Create a binary instrumental variables design
two_arm_designer Create a one-level two-arm design
two_by_two_designer Create a two-by-two factorial design
clean_code Clean code for method substitute
regression_discontinuity_designer Create a regression discontinuity design
return_args Generates character string for non-fixed arguments in a designer using substitution approach.
factorial_designer Create a factorial design
get_design_code Get the code from a design
cluster_sampling_designer Create a design for cluster random sampling
construct_design_code Generates clean code string that reproduces design
process_tracing_designer Create a process-tracing design
randomized_response_designer Create a randomized response design
multi_arm_designer Create a design with multiple experimental arms
pretest_posttest_designer Create a pretest-posttest design
mediation_analysis_designer Create a design for mediation analysis
spillover_designer Create a design with spillovers
two_arm_attrition_designer Create design with risk of attrition or post treatment conditioning
block_cluster_two_arm_designer Create a two-arm design with blocks and clusters
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License MIT + file LICENSE
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Packaged 2018-11-12 14:19:28 UTC; jaspercooper
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-11-12 14:50:03 UTC

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