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Kriging Methods for Computer Experiments

Estimation, validation and prediction of kriging models. Important functions : km, print.km, plot.km, predict.km.

Functions in DiceKriging

Name Description
SCAD Penalty function
show Print values of a km object
kernelname Get the kernel name
covVector.dx Spatial covariance - Derivatives
covKernel-class Class "covKernel"
km-class Kriging models class
covScaling-class Class "covScaling"
DiceKriging-package Kriging Methods for Computer Experiments
SCAD.derivative Penalty function derivative
plot Diagnostic plot for the validation of a km object
covTensorProduct-class Class of tensor-product spatial covariances
covAffineScaling-class Class "covAffineScaling"
covUser-class Class "covUser"
nuggetflag Get the nugget flag
hartman3 3D test function
leaveOneOutGrad Leave-one-out least square criterion - Analytical gradient
branin 2D test function
trend.deltax Trend derivatives
computeAuxVariables Auxiliary variables for kriging
drop.response Trend model formula operation
camelback 2D test function
scalingFun Scaling function
scalingGrad Gradient of the dimensional Scaling function
leaveOneOutFun Leave-one-out least square criterion of a km object
covParametersBounds Boundaries for covariance parameters
kmNoNugget.init Fitting Kriging Models
goldsteinPrice 2D test function
km Fit and/or create kriging models
trendMatrix.update Trend model matrix operation
predict Predict values and confidence intervals at newdata for a km object
checkNames Consistency test between the column names of two matrices
kmNuggets.init Fitting Kriging Models
covMat1Mat2 Cross covariance matrix
km1Nugget.init Fitting Kriging Models
affineScalingGrad Gradient of the Scaling function (affine case)
covStruct.create Spatial covariance - Class constructor
nuggetvalue Get or set the nugget value
hartman6 6D test function
ninput Get the spatial dimension
inputnames Get the input variables names
covMatrixDerivative Covariance matrix derivatives
logLik log-likelihood of a km object
kmData Fit and/or create kriging models
affineScalingFun Scaling function (affine case)
leaveOneOut.km Leave-one-out for a km object
simulate Simulate GP values at any given set of points for a km object
covMatrix Covariance matrix
kmEstimate Fitting Kriging Models
covparam2vect Auxiliary function
covIso-class Class of tensor-product spatial covariances with isotropic range
coef Get coefficients values
logLikGrad Concentrated log-Likelihood of a km object - Analytical gradient
logLikFun Concentrated log-likelihood of a km object
update Update of a kriging model
vect2covparam Auxiliary function
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Date 2015-04-23
License GPL-2 | GPL-3
URL http://dice.emse.fr/
Packaged 2015-04-24 06:25:18 UTC; roustant
NeedsCompilation yes
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2015-04-24 11:22:56

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