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Full Factorials, Orthogonal Arrays and Base Utilities for DoE Packages

Creates full factorial experimental designs and designs based on orthogonal arrays for (industrial) experiments. Provides diverse quality criteria. Provides utility functions for the class design, which is also used by other packages for designed experiments.

Functions in DoE.base

Name Description
ICFTs Function for calculating interaction contribution frequency tables
GRind Functions for calculating generalized resolution, average R-squared values and squared canonical correlations, and for checking design regularity Function to generate Taguchi style parameter designs
iscube Functions to isolate cube points from 2-level fractional factorial design with center and / or star points
oacat Data Frames That List Available Orthogonal Arrays
Class design and accessors Class design and its accessor functions
factorize Factorize integer numbers and factors Function for full factorial designs
halfnormal Creation of half normal effects plots and numeric methods for significance assessment
expansive.replace Expansive replacement for two orthogonal arrays Function for exporting a design object
corrPlot Function to Visualize Correlations Between Model Matrix Columns for an Experimental Design
generalized.word.length Functions for calculating the generalized word length pattern, projection frequency tables or optimizing column selection within an array
genChild Internal utility functions to support automatic creation of child arrays from entries of the data frame oacat Function to cross several designs
getblock Functions to extract a block factor from a class design object or to rerandomize a class design object
utilities Utility functions for DoE packages, not intended for direct use Function to switch between qualitative and quantitative factors and different contrast settings
add.response Function to add response values to an experimental design
arrays Orthogonal arrays in the package Function for accessing orthogonal arrays
print.oa Function to Print oa Objects with a Lot of Added Info
lm and aov method for class design objects lm and aov methods for class design objects
planor2design Convert matrix, data frame or object of class planordesign to object of class design
Plotting class design objects Plotting class design objects
oa_feasible Function to Check Whether an Array of Specified Strength Might Exist
lowerbound_AR Function to Calculate a Lower Bound for A_R and Internal Auxiliary Functions
Reshape designs with repeated measurements Reshape designs with repeated measurements
show.oas Function to display list of available orthogonal arrays
SN Function for the signal-to-noise ratio 10 * log10(mean^2/var)
block.catlg3 Catalogues for blocking full factorial 2-level and 3-level designs, and lists of generating columns for regular 2- and 3-level designs.
Methods for class design objects Methods for class design objects
DoE.base-package Full factorials, orthogonal arrays and base utilities for DoE packages
GWLP Functions for fast calculation of GWLP
contr.FrF2 Contrasts for orthogonal Fractional Factorial 2-level designs
VSGFS VSGFS: an experiment using an optimized orthogonal array in 72 runs Function to change the default formula for a data frame of class design to involve the correct factors with the desired effects and responses
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Date 2019-05-03
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyLoad yes
LazyData yes
Encoding latin1
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-05-03 15:17:48 UTC; Grmping
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2019-05-03 15:50:31 UTC

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