DynDoc v1.50.0

Dynamic document tools

A set of functions to create and interact with dynamic documents and vignettes.

Functions in DynDoc

Name Description
SweaveOptions-class Class "SweaveOptions", a class to handle options in Sweave
codeChunk-class Class "codeChunk"
getVignetteCode Functionality to manage code chunks from a vignette
getVignette A function to handle vignette files
vignetteCode-class Class "vignetteCode"
tangleToR An Sweave driver to retrieve code chunks
getPkgVigList A function to retrieve a listing of package vignettes
chunkList-class Class "chunkList"
DynDoc-class A Class For Dynamic Documents
getVignetteHeader A function to read vignette header information
Vignette-class A Class To Represent Vignettes
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License Artistic-2.0
LazyLoad Yes
Collate tangleToR.R DynDoc.R vignetteClass.R vigList.R vignetteCode.R zzz.R
biocViews ReportWriting, Infrastructure

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