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by Spencer Graves

Data Sets for Econometrics

Data sets for econometrics, including political science.

Functions in Ecdat

Name Description
BudgetFood Budget Share of Food for Spanish Households
Benefits Unemployment of Blue Collar Workers
Bids Bids Received By U.S. Firms
Car Stated Preferences for Car Choice
CRSPday Daily Returns from the CRSP Database
CRSPmon Monthly Returns from the CRSP Database
CPSch3 Earnings from the Current Population Survey
Diamond Pricing the C's of Diamond Stones
CRANpackages Growth of CRAN
FriendFoe Data from the Television Game Show Friend Or Foe ?
Airline Cost for U.S. Airlines
Forward Exchange Rates of US Dollar Against Other Currencies
Doctor Number of Doctor Visits
Index.Observations Observations
Index.Source Source
Crime Crime in North Carolina
HC Heating and Cooling System Choice in Newly Built Houses in California
AccountantsAuditorsPct Accountants and Auditors in the US 1850-2016
Airq Air Quality for Californian Metropolitan Areas
Accident Ship Accidents
Ketchup Choice of Brand for Ketchup
DoctorAUS Doctor Visits in Australia
Cigarette The Cigarette Consumption Panel Data Set
DoctorContacts Contacts With Medical Doctor
Cigar Cigarette Consumption
HHSCyberSecurityBreaches Cybersecurity breaches reported to the US Department of Health and Human Services
Irates Monthly Interest Rates
Mathlevel Level of Calculus Attained for Students Taking Advanced Micro--economics
Garch Daily Observations on Exchange Rates of the US Dollar Against Other Currencies
ManufCost Manufacturing Costs
DM DM Dollar Exchange Rate
Index.Time.Series Time Series
Mroz Labor Supply Data
Mpyr Money, National Product and Interest Rate
Fair Extramarital Affairs Data
Pricing Returns of Size-based Portfolios
Gasoline Gasoline Consumption
Fatality Drunk Driving Laws and Traffic Deaths
MoneyUS Macroeconomic Series for the United States
Produc Us States Production
Money Money, GDP and Interest Rate in Canada
Klein Klein's Model I
Somerville Visits to Lake Somerville
Housing Sales Prices of Houses in the City of Windsor
Kakadu Willingness to Pay for the Preservation of the Kakadu National Park
Journals Economic Journals Data Set
Hstarts Housing Starts
HI Health Insurance and Hours Worked By Wives
Star Effects on Learning of Small Class Sizes
MunExp Municipal Expenditure Data
NaturalPark Willingness to Pay for the Preservation of the Alentejo Natural Park
Clothing Sales Data of Men's Fashion Stores
PPP Exchange Rates and Price Indices for France and Italy
Earnings Earnings for Three Age Groups
Electricity Cost Function for Electricity Producers
PSID Panel Survey of Income Dynamics
Macrodat Macroeconomic Time Series for the United States
Computers Prices of Personal Computers
Bwages Wages in Belgium
BudgetUK Budget Shares of British Households
Heating Heating System Choice in California Houses
Grunfeld Grunfeld Investment Data
Griliches Wage Data
LT Dollar Sterling Exchange Rate
USclassifiedDocuments Official Secrecy of the United States Government
Caschool The California Test Score Data Set
Catsup Choice of Brand for Catsup
Consumption Quarterly Data on Consumption and Expenditure
Cracker Choice of Brand for Crackers
Fishing Choice of Fishing Mode
FinancialCrisisFiles Files containing financial crisis data
USstateAbbreviations Standard abbreviations for states of the United States
MW Growth of Disposable Income and Treasury Bill Rate
Mishkin Inflation and Interest Rates
Index.Econometrics Econometric fields
Index.Economics Economic fields
MCAS The Massachusetts Test Score Data Set
nuclearWeaponStates Nations with nuclear weapons
Nerlove Cost Function for Electricity Producers, 1955
MedExp Structure of Demand for Medical Care
OCC1950 Evolution of occupational distribution in the US
Males Wages and Education of Young Males
Metal Production for SIC 33
Hedonic Hedonic Prices of Census Tracts in Boston
Workinghours Wife Working Hours
Mode Mode Choice
USGDPpresidents US GDP per capita with presidents and wars
USFinanceIndustry US Finance Industry Profits
LaborSupply Wages and Hours Worked
politicalKnowledge Political knowledge in the US and Europe
PE Price and Earnings Index
PatentsRD Patents, R\&D and Technological Spillovers for a Panel of Firms
Orange The Orange Juice Data Set
Tbrate Interest Rate, GDP and Inflation
Unemployment Unemployment Duration
Tobacco Households Tobacco Budget Share
Pound Pound-dollar Exchange Rate
StrikeDur Strikes Duration
Strike Strike Duration Data
RetSchool Return to Schooling
terrorism Global Terrorism Database yearly summaries
University Provision of University Teaching and Research
Schooling Wages and Schooling
SP500 Returns on Standard \& Poor's 500 Index
Solow Solow's Technological Change Data
Icecream Ice Cream Consumption
Hmda The Boston HMDA Data Set
Labour Belgian Firms
IncomeUK Seasonally Unadjusted Quarterly Data on Disposable Income and Expenditure
Train Stated Preferences for Train Traveling
Yogurt Choice of Brand for Yogurts
Treatment Evaluating Treatment Effect of Training on Earnings
Tuna Choice of Brand for Tuna
Yen Yen-dollar Exchange Rate
VietNamH Medical Expenses in Vietnam (household Level)
TranspEq Statewide Data on Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
breaches Cyber Security Breaches
bankingCrises Countries in Banking Crises
coolingFromNuclearWar Global cooling from a nuclear war
Longley The Longley Data
VietNamI Medical Expenses in Vietnam (individual Level)
incomeInequality Income Inequality in the US
nonEnglishNames Names with Character Set Problems
Oil Oil Investment
Participation Labor Force Participation
Mofa International Expansion of U.S. MOFAs (majority--owned Foreign Affiliates in Fire (finance, Insurance and Real Estate)
OFP Visits to Physician Office
ModeChoice Data to Study Travel Mode Choice
StrikeNb Number of Strikes in Us Manufacturing
SumHes The Penn Table
PatentsHGH Dynamic Relation Between Patents and R\&D
UStaxWords Number of Words in US Tax Law
Wages1 Wages, Experience and Schooling
Wages Panel Data of Individual Wages
UnempDur Unemployment Duration
BudgetItaly Budget Shares for Italian Households
Capm Stock Market Data
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