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Data Sets, Functions and Examples from the Book: "The Elements of Statistical Learning, Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction" by Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani and Jerome Friedman

Useful when reading the book above mentioned, in the documentation referred to as `the book'.

Functions in ElemStatLearn

Name Description
waveform Function to simulate waveform data
phoneme Data From a Acoustic-Phonetic Continuous Speech Corpus
prostate Prostate Cancer Data
waveform.test Simulated Waveform Data
vowel.train Vowel Recognition (Deterding data)
vowel.test Vowel Recognition (Deterding data)
orange4.train Simulated Orange Data
zip.train Handwritten Digit Recognition Data
zip2image function to convert row of zip file to format used by image()
ozone Ozone Data
waveform.train Simulated Waveform Data
zip.test Handwritten Digit Recognition Data
simple.ridge Simple Ridge Regression
galaxy Galaxy Data
spam Email Spam Data
nci NCI microarray data (chap 14)
countries Country Dissimilarities
orange10.train Simulated Orange Data
orange4.test Simulated Orange Data
SAheart South African Hearth Disease Data
marketing Market Basket Analysis
mixture.example Mixture Example
bone Bone Mineral Density Data
orange10.test Simulated Orange Data
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