ExpressionView v1.24.0

by Gabor Csardi

Visualize biclusters identified in gene expression data

ExpressionView visualizes possibly overlapping biclusters in a gene expression matrix. It can use the result of the ISA method (eisa package) or the algorithms in the biclust package or others. The viewer itself was developed using Adobe Flex and runs in a flash-enabled web browser.

Functions in ExpressionView

Name Description
LaunchEV Launch the ExpressionView Flash applet
ExportEV Export an ExpressionView file
OrderEV Find the optimal arrangement of biclusters for visualization in ExpressionView
ExpressionView-package The ExpressionView package
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Date Sep 23, 2012
biocViews Classification, Visualization, Microarray, GeneExpression, GO, KEGG
Collate AllGenerics.R export.R launch.R order.R zzz.R
License GPL (>= 2)

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