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Fast Compressed Neural Networks for R

Provides an interface to kernel routines from the FCNN C++ library. FCNN is based on a completely new Artificial Neural Network representation that offers unmatched efficiency, modularity, and extensibility. FCNN4R provides standard teaching (backpropagation, Rprop, simulated annealing, stochastic gradient) and pruning algorithms (minimum magnitude, Optimal Brain Surgeon), but it is first and foremost an efficient computational engine. Users can easily implement their algorithms by taking advantage of fast gradient computing routines, as well as network reconstruction functionality (removing weights and redundant neurons, reordering inputs, merging networks). Networks can be exported to C functions in order to integrate them into virtually any software solution.

Functions in FCNN4R

Name Description
FCNN4R-package Fast Compressed Neural Networks for R
mlp_net-absolute-weight-indices Retrieving absolute weight index
mlp_actvfunc2str Return character string representing activation function
is.mlp_net Is it an object of mlp_net class?
mlp_net-accessing-individual-weights Setting and retrieving status (on/off) and value of individual weight(s)
mlp_check_w Check validity of weight index
mlp_net-class An S4 class representing Multilayer Perception Network.
mlp_eval Evaluation
mlp_check_inout Check validity of inputs and outputs
mlp_export_C Export multilayer perceptron network to a C function
mlp_net-weights-access Set and retrieve (active) weights' values
mlp_net-manipulating-network-inputs Manipulating network inputs
mlp_plot Plotting multilayer perceptron network
mlp_net-export-import Export and import multilayer perceptron network to/from a text file in FCNN format
mlp_net-general-information General information about network
mlp_net Create objects of mlp_net class
mlp_net-MSE-gradients Computing mean squared error, its gradient, and output derivatives
mlp_net-combining-two-networks Combining two networks into one
mlp_net-names Get and set network names
mlp_net-display Displaying networks (objects of mlp_net class)
mlp_teach_rprop Rprop teaching
mlp_teach_bp Backpropagation (batch) teaching
mlp_teach_grprop Rprop teaching - minimising arbitrary objective function
mlp_prune_mag Minimum magnitude pruning
mlp_prune_obs Optimal Brain Surgeon pruning
mlp_teach_sa Teaching networks using Simulated Annealing
mlp_set_activation Set network activation functions
mlp_teach_sgd Stochastic gradient descent with (optional) RMS weights scaling, weight decay, and momentum
mlp_rm_neurons Remove redundant neurons in a multilayer perceptron network
mlp_rnd_weights This function sets network weights to random values drawn from uniform distribution.
read-write-fcnndataset Reading and writing datasets in the FCNN format
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Type Package
Date 2016-03-08
License GPL (>= 2)
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2016-03-08 19:52:41 UTC; chaos
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-03-09 00:57:57

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