FDboost (version 1.0-0)

FDboost-package: FDboost: Boosting Functional Regression Models


Regression models for functional data, i.e., scalar-on-function, function-on-scalar and function-on-function regression models, are fitted by a component-wise gradient boosting algorithm.



This package is intended to fit regression models with functional variables. It is possible to fit models with functional response and/or functional covariates, resulting in scalar-on-function, function-on-scalar and function-on-function regression. Details on the functional regression models that can be fitted with FDboost can be found in Brockhaus et al. (2015, 2017, 2018) and Ruegamer et al. (2018). A hands-on tutorial for the package can be found in Brockhaus, Ruegamer and Greven (2017), see https://arxiv.org/abs/1705.10662.

Using component-wise gradient boosting as fitting procedure, FDboost relies on the R package mboost (Hothorn et al., 2017). A comprehensive tutorial to mboost is given in Hofner et al. (2014).

The main fitting function is FDboost. The model complexity is controlled by the number of boosting iterations (mstop). Like the fitting procedures in mboost, the function FDboost DOES NOT select an appropriate stopping iteration. This must be chosen by the user. The user can determine an adequate stopping iteration by resampling methods like cross-validation or bootstrap. This can be done using the function applyFolds.


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See Also

FDboost for the main fitting function and applyFolds for model tuning via resampling methods.