GSEABase v1.34.0

Gene set enrichment data structures and methods

This package provides classes and methods to support Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA).

Functions in GSEABase

Name Description
CollectionType-class Class "CollectionType"
GeneSetCollection-methods Methods to construct GeneSetCollection instances
GeneSet-class Class "GeneSet"
GeneColorSet Methods to Construct "GeneColorSet" Instances
GeneSetCollection-class Class "GeneSetCollection"
OBOCollection-class Class "OBOCollection"
incidence-methods Methods for Constructing Incidence Matricies Between GeneSets
GeneIdentifierType-class Class "GeneIdentifierType"
GSEABase-package Gene set enrichment data structures and methods
details-methods Methods for Displaying Detailed GeneSet Information
import/export Read and write gene sets from Broad or GMT formats
GeneIdentifierType Gene Identifier Class Constructors
goSlim-methods Methods for Function goSlim in Package `GSEABase'
GeneSet Methods to construct GeneSet instances
getOBOCollection Read OBO-specified Gene Ontology Collections
GeneColorSet-class Class "GeneColorSet"
CollectionType Collection Type Class Constructors
mapIdentifiers-methods Methods for Function mapIdentifiers in Package `GSEABase'
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License Artistic-2.0
LazyLoad yes
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biocViews GeneExpression, GeneSetEnrichment, GraphAndNetwork, GO, KEGG

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