GenomicFeatures (version 1.24.4)

FeatureDb-class: FeatureDb objects


The FeatureDb class is a generic container for storing genomic locations of an arbitrary type of genomic features. See ?TxDb for a container for storing transcript annotations.

See ?makeFeatureDbFromUCSC for a convenient way to make FeatureDb objects from BioMart online resources.



In the code snippets below, x is a FeatureDb object.
metadata(x): Return x's metadata in a data frame.

See Also

  • The TxDb class for storing transcript annotations.
  • makeFeatureDbFromUCSC for a convenient way to make a FeatureDb object from UCSC online resources.
  • saveDb and loadDb for saving and loading the database content of a FeatureDb object.
  • features for how to extract genomic features from a FeatureDb object.


Run this code
fdb_file <- system.file("extdata", "FeatureDb.sqlite",
fdb <- loadDb(fdb_file)

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