GenomicRangesList objects

A GenomicRangesList is a List of GenomicRanges. It is a virtual class; SimpleGenomicRangesList is the basic implementation. The subclass GRangesList provides special behavior and is particularly efficient for storing a large number of elements.


GenomicRangesList(...): Constructs a SimpleGenomicRangesList with elements taken from the arguments in .... If the only argument is a list, the elements are taken from that list.


as(from, "GenomicRangesList"): Supported from types include:
Each element of from is coerced to a GenomicRanges.
as(from, "RangedDataList"): Supported from types include:
Each element of from is coerced to a RangedData.

See Also

GRangesList, which differs from SimpleGenomicRangesList in that the GRangesList treats its elements as single, compound ranges, particularly in overlap operations. SimpleGenomicRangesList is just a barebones list for now, without that compound semantic.

  • class:GenomicRangesList
  • class:SimpleGenomicRangesList
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  • GenomicRangesList
  • coerce,RangedDataList,GenomicRangesList-method
  • coerce,GenomicRangesList,RangedDataList-method
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