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Association Analysis for Categorical Variables

Association analysis between categorical variables using the Goodman and Kruskal tau measure. This asymmetric association measure allows the detection of asymmetric relations between categorical variables (e.g., one variable obtained by re-grouping another).

Functions in GoodmanKruskal

Name Description
plot.GKtauMatrix Plot method for DataRobot S3 objects of class GKtauMatrix
GKtau Compute Goodman and Kruskal tau measure of association.
GroupNumeric Group a numerical variable into an n-level factor
GoodmanKruskal GoodmanKruskal: The Goodman and Kruskal tau measure
GKtauDataframe Compute Goodman and Kruskal's tau for a dataframe.
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License MIT + file LICENSE
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Packaged 2016-04-12 15:27:25 UTC; Ron
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-04-18 15:31:38

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