HDF5Array v1.0.2

by H Pages

An array-like container for convenient access and manipulation of HDF5 datasets

This package implements the HDF5Array class for convenient access and manipulation of HDF5 datasets. In order to reduce memory usage and optimize performance, operations on an HDF5Array object are either delayed or executed using a block processing mechanism. The delaying and block processing mechanisms are independent of the on-disk backend and implemented via the DelayedArray class. They even work on ordinary arrays where they can sometimes improve performance.

Functions in HDF5Array

Name Description
cbind-methods Bind DelayedArray objects along their rows or columns
DelayedArray-utils Common operations on DelayedArray objects
DelayedArray-class DelayedArray objects
HDF5Array-class HDF5 datasets as array-like objects
setHDF5DumpFile Control the location of automatically created HDF5 datasets
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Encoding UTF-8
biocViews Infrastructure, DataRepresentation, Sequencing, Annotation, Coverage, GenomeAnnotation
VignetteBuilder knitr
License Artistic-2.0
Collate utils.R block_processing.R setHDF5DumpFile.R show-utils.R DelayedArray-class.R DelayedArray-utils.R DelayedMatrix-utils.R cbind-methods.R HDF5Array-class.R zzz.R

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