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High Dimensional Supervised Classification and Clustering

Discriminant analysis and data clustering methods for high dimensional data, based on the assumption that high-dimensional data live in different subspaces with low dimensionality proposing a new parametrization of the Gaussian mixture model which combines the ideas of dimension reduction and constraints on the model.

Functions in HDclassif

Name Description
hdmda Mixture Discriminant Analysis with HD Gaussians
simuldata Gaussian Data Generation
wine Wine dataset
predict.hdc Prediction method for ‘hdc’ class objects.
slopeHeuristic Slope Heuristic for HDDC objects
hdda High Dimensional Discriminant Analysis
plot.hdc Cattell's Scree-Test for 'hdc' class objects.
hddc High Dimensional Data Clustering
predict.hdmda Prediction method for ‘hdmda’ class objects.
Crabs Morphological Measurements on Leptograpsus Crabs.
demo_hddc Demonstration of the clustering process of HDDC.
setHDclassif.show Sets/gets the default 'show' argument in HDDC and HDDA
HDclassif-package High Dimensional Discriminant Analysis and Data Clustering
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Date/Publication 2019-11-19 18:20:06 UTC

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