ANOVA table for a c("ancovaplot","trellis") object.

ANOVA table for a c("ancovaplot","trellis") object.

# S3 method for ancovaplot
anova(object, ...)
aov.ancovaplot(object, warn=TRUE)
aovStatement(object, ...)
# S3 method for ancovaplot
aovStatement(object, ...)
aovStatementAndAnova(object, ...)
# S3 method for ancovaplot
aovStatementAndAnova(object, ...)
# S3 method for ancovaplot
model.tables(x, ...)
object, x

c("ancovaplot","trellis") object.

warn, …

warn is logical with default TRUE. See the Details section for the interpretation of warn. When is received by aov.ancovaplot, it is evaluated if it is warn and ignored for all other values. When is received by model.tables it is interpreted normally.


The aov.ancovaplot modifies the call item into an aov call with the same formula and data. If there are groups in the call specified as a name, the groups factor is included in the constructed aov call only if there are both a factor and a covariate in the right-hand-side of the formula. In that case they the groups will be interpreted as a block factor and will be placed first. If the groups are specified as a vector of values in the call, the groups are ignored with a warning. If there is only one term in the right-hand-side, then the groups factor will not be placed into the aov formula. In this case, there will be a warning if the argument warn is TRUE, and no warning if the warn argument is FALSE.

See Also


  • anova.ancovaplot
  • aov.ancovaplot
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  • aovStatement.ancovaplot
  • aovStatementAndAnova
  • aovStatementAndAnova.ancovaplot
  • model.tables.ancovaplot
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