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Statistical Analysis and Data Display: Heiberger and Holland

Support software for Statistical Analysis and Data Display (First Edition, Springer, ISBN 0-387-40270-5, 2004) and (Second Edition, Springer, ISBN x-xxx-xxxxx-x, anticipated 2015) by Richard M. Heiberger and Burt Holland. This contemporary presentation of statistical methods features extensive use of graphical displays for exploring data and for displaying the analysis. The second edition includes redesigned graphics and additional chapters. The authors emphasize how to construct and interpret graphs, discuss principles of graphical design, and show how accompanying traditional tabular results are used to confirm the visual impressions derived directly from the graphs. Many of the graphical formats are novel and appear here for the first time in print. All chapters have exercises. All functions introduced in the book are in the package. R code for all examples, both graphs and tables, in the book is included in the scripts directory of the package.

Functions in HH

Name Description
HH.regsubsets Display tabular results for Best Subsets Regression.
ancova-class Class "ancova" Analysis of Covariance
mmc.mean MMC (Mean--mean Multiple Comparisons) plots from the sufficient statistics for a one-way design.
extra Miscellaneous functions that I wish were in or consistent between S-Plus and R.
if.R Conditional Execution for R or S-Plus
ladder Draw a "ladder of powers" plot, plotting each of several powers of y against the same powers of x.
intxplot Interaction plot, with an option to print standard error bars.
export.eps Exports a graph to an EPS file.
lmatRows Find the row numbers in the lmat corresponding to the focus factor.
interaction.positioned interaction method for positioned factors.
emptyMainLeftAxisLeftStripBottomLegend Remove main title, left axis tick labels, left strip, bottom legend from plot and keep the vertical spacing allocated to those items.
print.tsdiagplot Print a "tsdiagplot" object.
resid.squares plot squared residuals in inches to match the y-dimension
likertMosaic Diverging stacked barcharts for Likert, semantic differential, rating scale data, and population pyramids based on mosaic as the plotting style.
aovSufficient Analysis of variance from sufficient statistics for groups.
ae.dotplot AE (Adverse Events) dotplot of incidence and relative risk
print.TwoTrellisColumns Print two conformable trellis plots in adjacent columns with user control of widths.
AEdotplot AE (Adverse Events) dotplot of incidence and relative risk
datasets Datasets for Statistical Analysis and Data Display, Heiberger and Holland
HH-package Support software for Statistical Analysis and Data Display by Richard M. Heiberger and Burt Holland
gof.calculation Calculate Box--Ljung Goodness of Fit for ARIMA models in S-Plus.
diagplot5new Transpose of ECDF for centered fitted values and residuals from a linear model.
perspPlane Helper functions for regr2.plot
mcalinfct MCA multiple comparisons analysis (pairwise)
rbind.trellis Extend matrix reshaping functions to trellis objects.
cp.calc Rearranges and improves the legibility of the output from the stepwise function in S-Plus.
interval Prediction and Confidence Intervals for glm Objects
arima.diag.hh Repair design error in S-Plus arima.diag
npar.arma Count the number of parameters in an ARIMA model specification.
ResizeEtc.likertPlot Display multiple independent trellis objects, representing likert plots, on the same coordinated scale.
hovBF Homogeneity of Variance: Brown--Forsyth method
hov Homogeneity of Variance
norm.curve plot a normal or a t-curve with both x and z axes.
mmcisomeans Functions used by mmcplot.
tsdiagplot Times series diagnostic plots for a structured set of ARIMA models.
likertColor Selection of colors for Likert plots.
residual.plots.lattice Construct four sets of regression plots: Y against X, residuals against X, partial residuals against X, partial residuals against each X adjusted for all the other X columns.
positioned-class Class "positioned", extends "ordered" to specify the position for graphing the levels of a factor.
panel.bwplot.superpose Panel function for bwplot that displays an entire box in the colors coded by groups.
ancova Compute and plot oneway analysis of covariance
matrix.trellis Convert a one-dimensional trellis object to a two-dimensional trellis object. This permits combineLimits and useOuterStrips to work.
ResizeEtc Display multiple independent trellis objects on the same coordinated scale.
mmcPruneIsomeans MMC plots in lattice---suppress isomeans grid lines for specified levels of the factor.
HHscriptnames Find absolute pathname of a script file for the HH book in the HH package.
multicomp.reverse Force all comparisons in a "multicomp" object to have the same sign.
t.trellis Interchange the x- and y-axes for an S-Plus trellis object. Interchange the conditioning variables for an R trellis object.
as.likert Support functions for diverging stacked barcharts for Likert, semantic differential, and rating scale data.
as.matrix.listOfNamedMatrices Convert a list of matrices to a single matrix
AEdotplot.data.frame AE (Adverse Events) dotplot of incidence and relative risk, support functions
plot.hov Homogeneity of Variance Plot
LikertPercentCountColumns Display likert plots with percents in the first column of panels and counts in the second column of panels.
ci.plot Plot confidence and prediction intervals for simple linear regression
OneWayVarPlot Displays a three-panel bwplot of the data by group, of the group means, and of the entire dataset. This is an approximate visualization of the Mean Square lines from the ANOVA table for a one-way ANOVA model.
do.formula.trellis.xysplom Interprets model formulas for xysplom and extended bwplots
multicomp.order Update a multicomp object by ordering its contrasts.
axis.i2wt specialized axis function for interaction2wt.
as.vector.trellis Convert a two-dimensional trellis object into a one-dimensional trellis object.
panel.xysplom panel method for xysplom.
anova.ancovaplot ANOVA table for a c("ancovaplot","trellis") object.
panel.bwplott Extension to S-Plus trellis to allow transposed plots.
mmcAspect Control aspect ratio in MMC plots to maintain isomeans grid as a square.
X.residuals Residuals from the regression of each column of a data.frame against all the other columns.
arma.loop Loop through a series of ARIMA models and display coordinated tables and diagnoastic graphs.
pdiscunif Discrete Uniform Distribution
sufficient Calculates the mean, standard deviation, and number of observations in each group of a data.frame that has one continuous variable and two factors.
strip.xysplom strip function that is able to place the correlation or regression coefficient into the strip label.
dchisq.intermediate Intermediate f and chisq functions to simplify writing for both R and S-Plus.
position Find or assign the implied position for graphing the levels of a factor. A new class "positioned", which inherits from "ordered" and "factor", is defined.
glhtWithMCP.993 Retain averaging behavior that was previously available in glht.
cplx Generate a sequence spanning the xlim of a lattice window.
regr1.plot plot x and y, with optional straight line fit and display of squared residuals
ancovaplot Analysis of Covariance Plots
panel.bwplot.intermediate.hh Panel functions for bwplot.
print.latticeresids Print a latticeresids object.
anovaMean ANOVA table from the group sample sizes, means, and standard deviations.
combineLimits.trellisvector Combine limits on a one-dimensional trellis object.
col.hh Initializing Trellis Displays
lmplot Four types of residual plots for linear models.
grid.yaxis.hh make x- and y-axis labels
mmcplot MMC (Mean-mean Multiple Comparisons) plots in lattice.
panel.cartesian trellis panel function, with labeled rows and columns and without strip labels.
regr2.plot 3D plot of z against x and y, with regression plane fit and display of squared residuals.
panel.pairs.hh Function based on S-Plus panel.pairs to add the subpanel.scales and panel.cex arguments.
seqplot.forecast seqplot with confidence bands for the forecast region.
panel.ci.plot Default Panel Function for ci.plot
residVSfitted Draw plots of resid ~ y.hat and sqrt(abs(resid)) ~ y.hat
strip.background0 Turn off the coloring in the trellis strip labels. Color 0 is the background color.
panel.axis.right Right-justify right-axis tick labels.
diagQQ QQ plot of regression residuals.
hh Resolve filenames relative to the HH directory.
panel.confintMMC Confidence interval panel for MMC tiebreaker plots, or confidence interval plot.
defunct Defunct Functions in Package 'HH'
partial.corr partial correlations
summary.arma.loop summary and print and subscript methods for tsdiagplot and related objects.
plot.multicomp Multiple comparisons plot that gives independent user control over the appearance of the significant and not significant comparisons.
plot.mmc.multicomp MMC (Mean--mean Multiple Comparisons) plot.
F.curve plot a chisquare or a F-curve.
tsacfplots Coordinated time series and ACF and PCF plots.
panel.likert Panel functions for likert that include a stackWidth argument
seqplot Time series plot.
pyramidLikert Print a Likert plot as a Population Triangle
lm.case case statistics for regression analysis
mmc MMC (Mean--mean Multiple Comparisons) plots.
diag.maybe.null Returns a value for the diagonal of NA and NULL arguments.
panel.dotplot.tb Dotplot with evenly spaced tiebreakers.
interaction2wt Plot all main effects and twoway interactions in a multifactor design
hhpdf R tools for writing HH2: hhpdf, hhdev.off, hhcapture, hhcode
lm.regsubsets Evaluate lm model with highest adjusted $R^2$.
objip loop through all attached directories looking for pattern
logit Logistic and odds functions and their inverses.
vif Calculate the Variance Inflation Factor
xysplom scatterplot matrix with potentially different sets of variables on the rows and columns.
OddsRatio Calculate or plot the odds ratio for a 2x2 table of counts.
push.vp.hh push and pop a grid viewport, turn clipping off, change scale.
residual.plots Residual plots for a linear model.
GSremove Remove selected GraphSheetPages in the S-Plus Windows GUI Graphsheet
regrresidplot Draw a plot of y vs x from a linear model object, with residuals indicated by lines or squares.
as.multicomp Support functions in R for MMC (mean--mean multiple comparisons) plots.
panel.acf Panel functions for tsdiagplot.
likert Diverging stacked barcharts for Likert, semantic differential, rating scale data, and population pyramids.
legendGrob2wt place separate keys to the left of each row of a trellis
panel.isomeans isomeans grid for MMC plots.
latticeresids Subroutine used by residual.plots.lattice
useOuterStripsT2L1 Three-factor generalization of latticeExtra::useOuterStrips
panel.interaction2wt Plot all main effects and twoway interactions in a multifactor design
orthog.complete Construct an orthogonal matrix which is an arbitrary completion of the column space of the input set of columns.
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