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by Charles Dupont

Harrell Miscellaneous

The Hmisc library contains many functions useful for data analysis, high-level graphics, utility operations, functions for computing sample size and power, importing datasets, imputing missing values, advanced table making, variable clustering, character string manipulation, conversion of S objects to LaTeX code, and recoding variables.

Functions in Hmisc

Name Description
approxExtrap Linear Extrapolation
histbackback Back to Back Histograms
Misc Miscellaneous Functions Check if All Elements in Character Vector are Numeric
cpower Power of Cox/log-rank Two-Sample Test
bpower Power and Sample Size for Two-Sample Binomial Test
event.history Produces event.history graph for survival data
hdquantile Harrell-Davis Distribution-Free Quantile Estimator
Hmisc-internal Internal Hmisc functions
format.df Format a Data Frame or Matrix for LaTeX or HTML
Save Faciliate Use of save and load to Remote Directories
label Label Attribute of an Object
labcurve Label Curves, Make Keys, and Interactively Draw Points and Curves
plotCorrPrecision Plot Precision of Estimate of Pearson Correlation Coefficient
dropUnusedLevels Create Temporary Factor Subsetting Function
rm.boot Bootstrap Repeated Measurements Model
describe Concise Statistical Description of a Vector, Matrix, Data Frame, or Formula
samplesize.bin Sample Size for 2-sample Binomial
getHdata Download and Install Datasets for Hmisc, Design, and Statistical Modeling
reShape Reshape Matrices and Serial Data
rcorrp.cens Rank Correlation for Paired Predictors with a Censored Response
rcspline.plot Plot Restricted Cubic Spline Function
summarize Summarize Scalars or Matrices by Cross-Classification Histograms for Variables in a Data Frame
rlegend Special Version of legend for R
bystats Statistics by Categories
rcspline.restate Re-state Restricted Cubic Spline Function
plsmo Plot smoothed estimates
abs.error.pred Indexes of Absolute Prediction Error for Linear Models
valueTags Store Discriptive Information About an Object
binconf Confidence Intervals for Binomial Probabilities
gbayes Gaussian Bayesian Posterior and Predictive Distributions
summary.formula Summarize Data for Making Tables and Plots
rcorr Matrix of Correlations and Generalized Spearman Rank Correlation
sys Run Unix or Dos Depending on System
dotchart2 Enhanced Dot Chart
cut2 Cut a Numeric Variable into Intervals
score.binary Score a Series of Binary Variables
Cs Character strings from unquoted names
sedit Character String Editing and Miscellaneous Character Handling Functions
reorder.factor Reorder Factor Levels
getZip Open a Zip File From a URL.
rMultinom Generate Multinomial Random Variables with Varying Probabilities
deff Design Effect and Intra-cluster Correlation
symbol.freq Graphic Representation of a Frequency Table
contents Metadata for a Data Frame
store Store an Object Permanently
rcorr.cens Rank Correlation for Censored Data
eip Edit In Place
scat1d One-Dimensional Scatter Diagram, Spike Histogram, or Density
spss.get Enhanced Importing of SPSS Files
sas.get Convert a SAS Dataset to an S Data Frame
ps.slide Postscript and Adobe PDF Setup for 35mm Slides and Other Formats
transace Additive Regression and Transformations using ace or avas
ciapower Power of Interaction Test for Exponential Survival
na.delete Row-wise Deletion na.action
varclus Variable Clustering
spower Simulate Power of 2-Sample Test for Survival under Complex Conditions
csv.get Read Comma-Separated Text Data Files
translate Translate Vector or Matrix of Text Strings
list.tree Pretty-print the Structure of a Data Object
solvet solve Function with tol argument
find.matches Find Close Matches
na.detail.response Detailed Response Variable Information
prnz Print and Object with its Name
upData Update a Data Frame or Cleanup a Data Frame after Importing
errbar Plot Error Bars
hoeffd Matrix of Hoeffding's D Statistics
units Units Attribute of a Vector
impute Generic Functions and Methods for Imputation
na.keep Do-nothing na.action
event.chart Flexible Event Chart for Time-to-Event Data
xYplot xyplot and dotplot with Matrix Variables to Plot Error Bars and Bands
html Convert an S object to HTML
Lag Lag a Numeric, Character, or Factor Vector
dataRep Representativeness of Observations in a Data Set
latex Convert an S object to LaTeX, and Related Utilities Mean x vs. function of y in groups of x
aregImpute Multiple Imputation using Additive Regression, Bootstrapping, and Predictive Mean Matching
bpplot Box-percentile plots
mgp.axis Draw Axes With Side-Specific mgp Parameters
sasxport.get Enhanced Importing of SAS Transport Files using read.xport
ecdf Empirical Cumulative Distribution Plot
mApply Apply a Function to Rows of a Matrix or Vector
stata.get Enhanced Importing of STATA Files
ldBands Group Sequential Boundaries using the Lan-DeMets Approach
mtitle Margin Titles Compute Summary Statistics on a Vector
wtd.mean Weighted Statistical Estimates
show.pch Display Colors, Plotting Symbols, and Symbol Numeric Equivalents
print.char.matrix Function to print a matrix with stacked cells
somers2 Somers' Dxy Rank Correlation
panel.bpplot Box-Percentile Panel Function for Trellis
pc1 First Principal Component
rcspline.eval Restricted Cubic Spline Design Matrix
pstamp Date/Time/Directory Stamp the Current Plot
minor.tick Minor Tick Marks
t.test.cluster t-test for Clustered Data
%nin% Find Matching (or Non-Matching) Elements
transcan Transformations/Imputations using Canonical Variates
src Source a File from the Current Working Directory
popower Power and Sample Size for Ordinal Response
Overview Overview of Hmisc Library
bootkm Bootstrap Kaplan-Meier Estimates
data.frame.create.modify.check Tips for Creating, Modifying, and Checking Data Frames
first.word First Word in a String or Expression
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