Draw Axes With Side-Specific mgp Parameters

mgp.axis is a version of axis that uses the appropriate side-specific mgp parameter (see par) to account for different space requirements for axis labels vertical vs. horizontal tick marks. mgp.axis also fixes a bug in axis(2,...) that causes it to assume las=1.

mgp.axis.labels is used so that different spacing between tick marks and axis tick mark labels may be specified for x- and y-axes. Use mgp.axis.labels('default') to set defaults. Users can set values manually using mgp.axis.labels(x,y) where x and y are 2nd value of par('mgp') to use. Use mgp.axis.labels(type=w) to retrieve values, where w='x', 'y', 'x and y', 'xy', to get 3 mgp values (first 3 types) or 2 mgp.axis.labels.

dplot, environment, iplot
mgp.axis(side, at = NULL, ..., mgp = mgp.axis.labels(type = if (side == 1 | side == 3) "x" else "y"), axistitle = NULL, cex.axis=par('cex.axis'), cex.lab=par('cex.lab'))
mgp.axis.labels(value,type=c('xy','x','y','x and y'))
see par
arguments passed through to axis
see par
if specified will cause axistitle to be drawn on the appropriate axis as a title
vector of values to which to set system option mgp.axis.labels
see above

mgp.axis.labels returns the value of mgp (only the second element of mgp if type="xy" or a list with elements x and y if type="x or y", each list element being a 3-vector) for the appropriate axis if value is not specified, otherwise it returns nothing but the system option mgp.axis.labels is set.mgp.axis returns nothing.

Side Effects

mgp.axis.labels stores the value in the system option mgp.axis.labels

See Also


  • mgp.axis
  • mgp.axis.labels
## Not run: 
# mgp.axis.labels(type='x')  # get default value for x-axis
# mgp.axis.labels(type='y')  # get value for y-axis
# mgp.axis.labels(type='xy') # get 2nd element of both mgps
# mgp.axis.labels(type='x and y')  # get a list with 2 elements
# mgp.axis.labels(c(3,.5,0), type='x')  # set
# options('mgp.axis.labels')            # retrieve
# plot(..., axes=FALSE)
# mgp.axis(1, "X Label")
# mgp.axis(2, "Y Label")
# ## End(Not run)
Documentation reproduced from package Hmisc, version 4.0-2, License: GPL (>= 2)

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