Store Discriptive Information About an Object

Functions get or set useful information about the contents of the object for later use.

misc, utilities, attribute
valueTags(x) valueTags(x) <- value
valueLabel(x) valueLabel(x) <- value
valueName(x) valueName(x) <- value
valueUnit(x) valueUnit(x) <- value
an object
for valueTags<- a named list of value tags. a character vector of length 1, or NULL.

These functions store the a short name of for the contents, a longer label that is useful for display, and the units of the contents that is useful for display.

valueTag is an accessor, and valueTag<- is a replacement function for all of the value's information.

valueName is an accessor, and valueName<- is a replacement function for the value's name. This name is used when a plot or a latex table needs a short name and the variable name is not useful. valueLabel is an accessor, and valueLabel<- is a replacement function for the value's label. The label is used in a plots or latex tables when they need a descriptive name.

valueUnit is an accessor, and valueUnit<- is a replacement function for the value's unit. The unit is used to add unit information to the R output.


valueTag returns NULL or a named list with each of the named values name, label, unit set if they exists in the object.For valueTag<- returns listFor valueName, valueLable, and valueUnit returns NULL or character vector of length 1.For valueName<-, valueLabel<-, and valueUnit returns value

See Also

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age <- c(21,65,43)
y   <- 1:3
valueLabel(age) <- "Age in Years"
plot(age, y, xlab=valueLabel(age))

x1 <- 1:10
x2 <- 10:1
valueLabel(x2) <- 'Label for x2'
valueUnit(x2) <- 'mmHg'
dframe <- data.frame(x1, x2)

##In these examples of llist, note that labels are printed after
##variable names, because of print.labelled
a <- 1:3
b <- 4:6
valueLabel(b) <- 'B Label'
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