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Statistics and Metrics for Seismic Data

Classes and functions for metrics calculation as part of the 'IRIS DMC MUSTANG' project. The functionality in this package builds upon the base classes of the 'IRISSeismic' package. Metrics include basic statistics as well as higher level 'health' metrics that can help identify problematic seismometers.

Functions in IRISMustangMetrics

Name Description
getMetricsXml Retrieve measurements XML from the MUSTANG BSS
PSDMetric Power Spectral Density of a signal
getGeneralValueMetrics Retrieve measurements from the MUSTANG BSS
getBssMetricList Retrieve measurements XML from the MUSTANG BSS and convert them to a metricList
metricList2DFList Conver a metricList into a list of dataframes
IRISMustangMetrics-package Utilities for calculating seismic metrics from IRIS DMC data
createBssUrl Create URL to retrieve measurements from the MUSTANG BSS
MultipleTimeValueMetric-class Class "MultipleTimeValueMetric"
SNRMetric Signal to Noise Ratio
convertBssErrors Generate Human Readable MUSTANG Errors
spectrumMetric2Xml Convert a SpectrumMetric into XML for the BSS
basicStatsMetric Min, median, mean, rms variance, max, and number of unique values of a signal
saveMetricList Save a MetricList as RData or XML
SpectrumMetric-class Class "SpectrumMetric"
correlationMetric Correlation between channels
metricList2Xml Create XML for the BSS
getMustangMetrics Retrieve measurements from the MUSTANG BSS
upDownTimesMetric Up/down times for a channel
spikesMetric Find spikes using a rolling Hampel filter
timesMetric2Xml Create XML for the BSS
crossCorrelationMetric Correlation between channels
stateOfHealthMetric State of Health metrics
transferFunctionMetric Cross-spectral comparison
getPsdMetrics Retrieve measurements from the MUSTANG BSS
metricList2DF Convert a MetricList into a Tidy Dataframe
dailyDCOffsetMetric DC Offset Detection
getSingleValueMetrics Retrieve measurements from the MUSTANG BSS
gapsMetric Gaps and overlaps in a signal
GeneralValueMetric-class Class "GeneralValueMetric"
DCOffsetTimesMetric DC Offset Detection
STALTAMetric Maximum STA/LTA of a signal
getMetricFunctionMetadata Return JSON Metadata for Metric Functions
SingleValueMetric-class Class "SingleValueMetric"
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Collate Class-Metric.R BSSUtils.R ISPAQUtils.R basicStatsMetric.R correlationMetric.R crossCorrelationMetric.R dailyDCOffsetMetric.R DCOffsetTimesMetric.R gapsMetric.R PSDMetric.R SNRMetric.R spikesMetric.R STALTAMetric.R stateOfHealthMetric.R upDownTimesMetric.R transferFunctionMetric.R
License GPL (>= 2)
Repository CRAN
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2019-11-12 17:23:36 UTC; gillian
Date/Publication 2019-11-15 05:20:03 UTC

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