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Collection of Internal Consistency Reliability Coefficients.

Currently the package includes 14 methods for calculating internal consistency reliability but is still growing. The package allows users access to whichever reliability estimator is deemed most appropriate for their situation.

Functions in Lambda4

Name Description
angoff Compute Angoff Coefficient
cong1f One-Factor Congeneric Covariance Matrix
bin.combs Generate Unique Binary Combinations
kristof Compute Kristof Coefficient
cov.lambda4 Compute Covariance Maximized Lambda4
cong3f Three-Factor Congeneric Covariance Matrix
impute.cov Compute Covariance Matrix
Feldt1989 Feldt's Numerical Example With 4 Items
guttman Guttman's 6 Lambda Coefficients
cong5f Five-Factor Congeneric Covariance Matrix
lambda2 Compute Guttman's Lambda 2 Coefficient
par5f Five-Factor Parallel Covariance Matrix
par1f One Factor Parallel Covariance Matrix
par3f Three-Factor Parallel Covariance Matrix
lambda5 Compute Guttman's Lambda 5 Coefficient
user.lambda4 Compute User Specified Lambda 4 (Split-Half)
Rosenberg Rosenberg Self-Esteem
tau1f One-Factor Tau-Equivalent Covariance Matrix
omega.tot Compute McDonald's Omega Total
lambda3 Compute Guttman's Lambda 3 Coefficient (Coefficent Alpha)
lambda6 Compute Guttman's Lambda 6 Coefficient
Lambda4 Collection of Internal Consistency Reliability Coefficients.
lambda1 Compute Guttman's Lambda 1 Coefficient
tau3f Three-Factor Tau-Equivalent Covariance Matrix
Warner1960 Warner 1960 Social Class Data
raju Compute Raju Coefficient
quant.lambda4 Compute Quantile Lambda 4
WAIS1955 Wechsler Adult Intellegence Scale (1955)
tau5f Five-Factor Tau-Equivalent Covariance Matrix
TenBerge2004 De Leeuw (1983) Political Survey Items
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Type Package
Date 2013-07-30
LazyData true
License GPL-2
Collate 'angoff.R' 'bin.combs.R' 'cov.lambda4.R' 'impute.cov.R' 'kristof.R' 'lambda1.R' 'lambda2.R' 'lambda3.R' 'lambda5.R' 'lambda6.R' 'omega.tot.R' 'print.Lambda4.pkg.R' 'quant.lambda4.R' 'raju.R' 'user.lambda4.R' 'guttman.R'
Packaged 2013-07-30 16:57:13 UTC; thunt
NeedsCompilation no
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2013-07-30 21:12:51

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