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Support Functions and Datasets for Venables and Ripley's MASS

Functions and datasets to support Venables and Ripley, "Modern Applied Statistics with S" (4th edition, 2002).

Functions in MASS

Name Description
MASS-internal Internal MASS functions
Null Null Spaces of Matrices
UScereal Nutritional and Marketing Information on US Cereals
biopsy Biopsy Data on Breast Cancer Patients
OME Tests of Auditory Perception in Children with OME
chem Copper in Wholemeal Flour
bcv Biased Cross-Validation for Bandwidth Selection
anorexia Anorexia Data on Weight Change
bandwidth.nrd Bandwidth for density() via Normal Reference Distribution
cement Heat Evolved by Setting Cements
anova.negbin Likelihood Ratio Tests for Negative Binomial GLMs
fgl Measurements of Forensic Glass Fragments
crabs Morphological Measurements on Leptograpsus Crabs
deaths Monthly Deaths from Lung Diseases in the UK
fitdistr Maximum-likelihood Fitting of Univariate Distributions
glmmPQL Fit Generalized Linear Mixed Models via PQL
leuk Survival Times and White Blood Counts for Leukaemia Patients
ldahist Histograms or Density Plots of Multiple Groups
hills Record Times in Scottish Hill Races
abbey Determinations of Nickel Content
UScrime The Effect of Punishment Regimes on Crime Rates
birthwt Risk Factors Associated with Low Infant Birth Weight
eagles Foraging Ecology of Bald Eagles
caith Colours of Eyes and Hair of People in Caithness
boxcox Box-Cox Transformations for Linear Models
cpus Performance of Computer CPUs
mcycle Data from a Simulated Motorcycle Accident
menarche Age of Menarche in Warsaw
cov.trob Covariance Estimation for Multivariate t Distribution Diabetes in Pima Indian Women
contr.sdif Successive Differences Contrast Coding
Rabbit Blood Pressure in Rabbits
accdeaths Accidental Deaths in the US 1973-1978
cats Anatomical Data from Domestic Cats
petrol N. L. Prater's Petrol Refinery Data
pairs.lda Produce Pairwise Scatterplots from an 'lda' Fit
parcoord Parallel Coordinates Plot
coop Co-operative Trial in Analytical Chemistry
addterm Try All One-Term Additions to a Model
beav1 Body Temperature Series of Beaver 1
cabbages Data from a cabbage field trial
rnegbin Simulate Negative Binomial Variates
Belgian-phones Belgium Phone Calls 1950-1973
denumerate Transform an Allowable Formula for 'loglm' into one for 'terms'
corresp Simple Correspondence Analysis
dose.p Predict Doses for Binomial Assay model
gehan Remission Times of Leukaemia Patients
gamma.shape Estimate the Shape Parameter of the Gamma Distribution in a GLM Fit
geyser Old Faithful Geyser Data
road Road Accident Deaths in US States
genotype Rat Genotype Data
epil Seizure Counts for Epileptics
beav2 Body Temperature Series of Beaver 2
con2tr Convert Lists to Data Frames for use by lattice
snails Snail Mortality Data
stdres Extract Standardized Residuals from a Linear Model
topo Spatial Topographic Data
hubers Huber Proposal 2 Robust Estimator of Location and/or Scale
huber Huber M-estimator of Location with MAD Scale
hist.scott Plot a Histogram with Automatic Bin Width Selection
confint-MASS Confidence Intervals for Model Parameters
truehist Plot a Histogram
kde2d Two-Dimensional Kernel Density Estimation
dropterm Try All One-Term Deletions from a Model
drivers Deaths of Car Drivers in Great Britain 1969-84
cov.rob Resistant Estimation of Multivariate Location and Scatter
lda Linear Discriminant Analysis
galaxies Velocities for 82 Galaxies
motors Accelerated Life Testing of Motorettes
gamma.dispersion Calculate the MLE of the Gamma Dispersion Parameter in a GLM Fit
housing Frequency Table from a Copenhagen Housing Conditions Survey
gilgais Line Transect of Soil in Gilgai Territory
ginv Generalized Inverse of a Matrix
immer Yields from a Barley Field Trial
eqscplot Plots with Geometrically Equal Scales
farms Ecological Factors in Farm Management
muscle Effect of Calcium Chloride on Muscle Contraction in Rat Hearts
loglm Fit Log-Linear Models by Iterative Proportional Scaling
isoMDS Kruskal's Non-metric Multidimensional Scaling
mvrnorm Simulate from a Multivariate Normal Distribution
mammals Brain and Body Weights for 62 Species of Land Mammals
fractions Rational Approximation
forbes Forbes' Data on Boiling Points in the Alps
loglm1 Fit Log-Linear Models by Iterative Proportional Scaling -- Internal function
michelson Michelson's Speed of Light Data
glm.convert Change a Negative Binomial fit to a GLM fit
mca Multiple Correspondence Analysis
minn38 Minnesota High School Graduates of 1938
newcomb Newcomb's Measurements of the Passage Time of Light
nlschools Eighth-Grade Pupils in the Netherlands
lm.gls Fit Linear Models by Generalized Least Squares
glm.nb Fit a Negative Binomial Generalized Linear Model
lm.ridge Ridge Regression
oats Data from an Oats Field Trial
logtrans Estimate log Transformation Parameter
predict.glmmPQL Predict Method for glmmPQL Fits
lqs Resistant Regression
npk Classical N, P, K Factorial Experiment
npr1 US Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1 data
plot.mca Plot Method for Objects of Class 'mca'
predict.lda Classify Multivariate Observations by Linear Discrimination
plot.lda Plot Method for Class 'lda'
painters The Painter's Data of de Piles
rlm Robust Fitting of Linear Models
plot.profile Plotting Functions for 'profile' Objects
polr Ordered Logistic or Probit Regression
predict.qda Classify from Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
profile.glm Method for Profiling glm Objects
ships Ships Damage Data
rational Rational Approximation
shoes Shoe wear data of Box, Hunter and Hunter
negative.binomial Family function for Negative Binomial GLMs
predict.lqs Predict from an lqs Fit
rms.curv Relative Curvature Measures for Non-Linear Regression
shrimp Percentage of Shrimp in Shrimp Cocktail
stormer The Stormer Viscometer Data
predict.mca Predict Method for Class 'mca'
renumerate Convert a Formula Transformed by 'denumerate'
quine Absenteeism from School in Rural New South Wales
qda Quadratic Discriminant Analysis
steam The Saturated Steam Pressure Data
studres Extract Studentized Residuals from a Linear Model
rotifer Numbers of Rotifers by Fluid Density
stepAIC Choose a model by AIC in a Stepwise Algorithm
sammon Sammon's Non-Linear Mapping
shuttle Space Shuttle Autolander Problem
whiteside House Insulation: Whiteside's Data
summary.rlm Summary Method for Robust Linear Models
survey Student Survey Data Synthetic Classification Problem
summary.loglm Summary Method Function for Objects of Class 'loglm'
summary.negbin Summary Method Function for Objects of Class 'negbin' Estimate theta of the Negative Binomial
width.SJ Bandwidth Selection by Pilot Estimation of Derivatives
write.matrix Write a Matrix or Data Frame
ucv Unbiased Cross-Validation for Bandwidth Selection
waders Counts of Waders at 15 Sites in South Africa
wtloss Weight Loss Data from an Obese Patient
Insurance Numbers of Car Insurance claims
DDT DDT in Kale
GAGurine Level of GAG in Urine of Children
Cushings Diagnostic Tests on Patients with Cushing's Syndrome
Animals Brain and Body Weights for 28 Species
Cars93 Data from 93 Cars on Sale in the USA in 1993
Sitka Growth Curves for Sitka Spruce Trees in 1988
Melanoma Survival from Malignant Melanoma
Boston Housing Values in Suburbs of Boston
Aids2 Australian AIDS Survival Data
Skye AFM Compositions of Aphyric Skye Lavas
area Adaptive Numerical Integration
bacteria Presence of Bacteria after Drug Treatments
Traffic Effect of Swedish Speed Limits on Accidents
Sitka89 Growth Curves for Sitka Spruce Trees in 1989
SP500 Returns of the Standard and Poors 500
Rubber Accelerated Testing of Tyre Rubber
VA Veteran's Administration Lung Cancer Trial
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