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Multiple Comparisons Using Normal Approximation

Multiple contrast tests and simultaneous confidence intervals based on normal approximation. With implementations for binomial proportions in a 2xk setting (risk difference and odds ratio), poly-3-adjusted tumour rates, biodiversity indices (multinomial data) and expected values under lognormal assumption. Approximative power calculation for multiple contrast tests of binomial and Gaussian data.

Functions in MCPAN

Name Description
Simpson Calculate the Simpson index
Waldtest Simultaneous Wald tests
MCPAN-package Multiple comparison procedures based on normal approximation and extensions.
Simpsonci Confidence intervals for differences of Simpson indices
Waldci Simultaneous Wald confidence intervals
SCSrank Compute a rectangular simultaneous confidence set from a sample of a joint empirical distribution.
Shannon Shannon index
PQln Generalized pivotal quantity for log expected values of several lognormal samples.
Shannonci Confidence intervals for multiple contrasts of Shannon indices
HCD Hell Creek Dinosaur Data
corrMatgen A function to calculate the correlation matrix
binomRRci Simultaneous confidence intervals for ratios of independent binomial proportions
estShannon Estimate the Shannon Index
censsamplef Random data for Poly-k
censsample Random data for Poly-k
binomRDtest Simultaneous test for contrasts of independent binomial proportions (in a oneway layout)
binomORci Simultaneous confidence intervals for odds ratios
binomest Only for internal use.
bronch Rodent bronchial carcinoma data
mosaicdiv Mosaicplot for the data in Shannonci and Simpsonci
estSimpson Simpson index
liarozole Marked improvement of psoriasis after application of liarozole
lnrci Simultaneous confidence intervals for expected values assuming lognormal distribution.
estShannonf Estimate the Shannon-Wiener index
binomRDci Simultaneous confidence intervals for contrasts of independent binomial proportions (in a oneway layout)
methyl NTP bioassay data: effect of methyleugenol on skin fibroma
multinomORci Simultaneous confidence intervals for odds ratios comparing multiple odds and multiple treatments in a contingency table
lndest Point and varioance estimates for expected and log(expected values) of lognormal samples
plot.sci Plot confidence intervals
plotCI Plot confidence intervals
powerbinom Approximate power for multiple contrast tests of binomial proportions.
powermcpn Approximative power calculation for multiple contrast tests
estSimpsonf Estimate the Simpson index from several samples
poly3est Only for internal use.
poly3ci Simultaneous confidence intervals for contrasts of poly-3-adjusted tumour rates
poly3test Approximate simultaneous test for poly-3-adjusted tumour rates
plotCII Plot confidence intervals
summary.Simpsonci Summary function for Simpsonci
powermcpt Testversion. Power calculation for multiple contrast tests (1-way ANOVA model)
poly3estf Only for internal use.
summary.binomRDci Detailed print out for binomRDci
summary.binomORci Detailed print out for binomORci
scalechoice Only for internal use.
poly3table Summarize long term carcinogenicity data
summary.binomRDtest Detailed print out for binomRDtest
summary.Shannonci Summary for Shannonci
summary.binomRRci Detailed print out for binomRRci
print.multinomORci Print out put of multinomORci
summary.poly3est Detailed print out for poly3est
printfunctions Print methods for the classes in this package
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Type Package
Date 2018-03-22
License GPL-2
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-03-22 07:19:33 UTC; Schaarschmidt
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-03-22 12:22:58 UTC

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