MCRestimate v2.22.0

by Marc Johannes

Misclassification error estimation with cross-validation

This package includes a function for combining preprocessing and classification methods to calculate misclassification errors

Functions in MCRestimate

Name Description
class.factor.format A function for creating a factor from the phenoData slot of an exprSet
ClassifierBuild Building a classifier as a combination of preprocessing and classification method
RF.wrap Wrapper function for different classification methods
MCRestimateMerge Merging objects of class MCRestimate
plot.MCRestimate Plot method for a objects of class MCRestimate
varSel.highest.var Variable selection and cluster functions
important.variable.names Writing tables with variable information
PLR A function which performs penalised logistic regression classification for two groups
replace.NA Replaces in a given numeric matrix NA values per row or per column.
MCRindError Individual Error of the outer cross-validations
intersectList A function for creating a all possible intersects for a list of sets.
MCRconfusion Summary tables for MCRestimate objects
MCRestimate Estimation of misclassification error by cross-validation
select.NA.elements Selects NA values of a given numeric matrix
SVM.OVA.wrap SVM with 'One-Versus-All' multiclass approach
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