MLInterfaces v1.52.0

by Vince Carey

Uniform interfaces to R machine learning procedures for data in Bioconductor containers

This package provides uniform interfaces to machine learning code for data in R and Bioconductor containers.

Functions in MLInterfaces

Name Description
MLIntInternals MLInterfaces infrastructure
confuTab Compute confusion tables for a confusion matrix.
learnerSchema-class Class "learnerSchema" -- convey information on a machine learning function to the MLearn wrapper
hclustWidget shiny-oriented GUI for cluster or classifier exploration
fs.absT support for feature selection in cross-validation
clusteringOutput-class container for clustering outputs in uniform structure
confuMat-methods Compute the confusion matrix for a classifier.
projectedLearner-class Class "projectedLearner"
fsHistory extract history of feature selection for a cross-validated machine learner
performance-analytics Assessing classifier performance
varImpStruct-class Class "varImpStruct" -- collect data on variable importance from various machine learning methods
RAB real adaboost (Friedman et al)
xvalSpec container for information specifying a cross-validated machine learning exercise
balKfold.xvspec generate a partition function for cross-validation, where the partitions are approximately balanced with respect to the distribution of a response variable
projectLearnerToGrid create learned tesselation of feature space after PC transformation
plspinHcube shiny app for interactive 3D visualization of mlbench hypercube
MLearn revised MLearn interface for machine learning
planarPlot-methods Methods for Function planarPlot in Package `MLInterfaces'
predict.classifierOutput Predict method for classifierOutput objects
raboostCont-class Class "raboostCont" ~~~
classifierOutput-class Class "classifierOutput"
xvalLoop Cross-validation in clustered computing environments
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License LGPL
LazyLoad yes
Collate AllClasses.R RAB.R pplot.R varImp.R xval.R MLearn.R MLIConverters.R MLIPredicters.R localBridge.R methods-classifierOutput.R methods-clusteringOutput.R methods-learnerSchema.R schemaInterfaces.R featSel.R partPlot.R clDesign.R plsdaI.R performance-analytics.R hcw.R mlw.R pv.R plspinHcube.R
biocViews Classification, Clustering

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