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Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods

A rich hierarchy of matrix classes, including triangular, symmetric, and diagonal matrices, both dense and sparse and with pattern, logical and numeric entries. Numerous methods for and operations on these matrices, using 'LAPACK' and 'SuiteSparse' libraries.

Functions in Matrix

Name Description
Diagonal Create Diagonal Matrix Object
KhatriRao Khatri-Rao Matrix Product
CsparseMatrix-class Class "CsparseMatrix" of Sparse Matrices in Column-compressed Form
BunchKaufman-methods Bunch-Kaufman Decomposition Methods
CHMfactor-class CHOLMOD-based Cholesky Factorizations
Cholesky-class Cholesky and Bunch-Kaufman Decompositions
CAex Albers' example Matrix with "Difficult" Eigen Factorization
KNex Koenker-Ng Example Sparse Model Matrix and Response Vector
MatrixFactorization-class Class "MatrixFactorization" of Matrix Factorizations
Hilbert Generate a Hilbert matrix
RsparseMatrix-class Class "RsparseMatrix" of Sparse Matrices in Column-compressed Form
MatrixClass The Matrix (Super-) Class of a Class
Cholesky Cholesky Decomposition of a Sparse Matrix
LU-class LU (dense) Matrix Decompositions
Schur Schur Decomposition of a Matrix
[<--methods Methods for "[<-" - Assigning to Subsets for 'Matrix'
Matrix-class Virtual Class "Matrix" Class of Matrices
Schur-class Class "Schur" of Schur Matrix Factorizations
band Extract bands of a matrix
Matrix Construct a Classed Matrix
all.equal-methods Matrix Package Methods for Function all.equal()
SparseM-conversions Sparse Matrix Coercion from and to those from package SparseM
USCounties USCounties Contiguity Matrix
TsparseMatrix-class Class "TsparseMatrix" of Sparse Matrices in Triplet Form
[-methods Methods for "[": Extraction or Subsetting in Package 'Matrix'
abIndex-class Class "abIndex" of Abstract Index Vectors
bandSparse Construct Sparse Banded Matrix from (Sup-/Super-) Diagonals
all-methods "Matrix" Methods for Functions all() and any()
abIseq Sequence Generation of "abIndex", Abstract Index Vectors
dMatrix-class (Virtual) Class "dMatrix" of "double" Matrices
atomicVector-class Virtual Class "atomicVector" of Atomic Vectors
ddenseMatrix-class Virtual Class "ddenseMatrix" of Numeric Dense Matrices
bdiag Construct a Block Diagonal Matrix
chol2inv-methods Inverse from Choleski or QR Decomposition -- Matrix Methods
%&%-methods Boolean Arithmetic Matrix Products: %&% and Methods
colSums Form Row and Column Sums and Means
compMatrix-class Class "compMatrix" of Composite (Factorizable) Matrices
dgCMatrix-class Compressed, sparse, column-oriented numeric matrices
dgRMatrix-class Sparse Compressed, Row-oriented Numeric Matrices
condest Compute Approximate CONDition number and 1-Norm of (Large) Matrices
cBind Versions of 'cbind' and 'rbind' recursively built on cbind2/rbind2
diagU2N Transform Triangular Matrices from Unit Triangular to General Triangular and Back
chol Choleski Decomposition - 'Matrix' S4 Generic and Methods
diagonalMatrix-class Class "diagonalMatrix" of Diagonal Matrices
dpoMatrix-class Positive Semi-definite Dense Numeric Matrices
drop0 Drop "Explicit Zeroes" from a Sparse Matrix
dgTMatrix-class Sparse matrices in triplet form
dsCMatrix-class Numeric Symmetric Sparse (column compressed) Matrices
dgeMatrix-class Class "dgeMatrix" of Dense Numeric (S4 Class) Matrices
dsRMatrix-class Symmetric Sparse Compressed Row Matrices
generalMatrix-class Class "generalMatrix" of General Matrices
dtCMatrix-class Triangular, (compressed) sparse column matrices
graph-sparseMatrix Conversions "graph" <--> (sparse) Matrix
dtRMatrix-class Triangular Sparse Compressed Row Matrices
expand Expand a Decomposition into Factors
expm Matrix Exponential
ddiMatrix-class Class "ddiMatrix" of Diagonal Numeric Matrices
index-class Virtual Class "index" - Simple Class for Matrix Indices
invPerm Inverse Permutation Vector
denseMatrix-class Virtual Class "denseMatrix" of All Dense Matrices
ldiMatrix-class Class "ldiMatrix" of Diagonal Logical Matrices
lgeMatrix-class Class "lgeMatrix" of General Dense Logical Matrices
dsparseMatrix-class Virtual Class "dsparseMatrix" of Numeric Sparse Matrices
isSymmetric-methods Methods for Function isSymmetric in Package 'Matrix'
dsyMatrix-class Symmetric Dense Numeric Matrices
isTriangular isTriangular() and isDiagonal() Methods
formatSparseM Formatting Sparse Numeric Matrices Utilities
forceSymmetric Force a Matrix to 'symmetricMatrix' Without Symmetry Checks, is.infinite() Methods for 'Matrix' Objects
dtpMatrix-class Packed Triangular Dense Matrices - "dtpMatrix"
is.null.DN Are the Dimnames dn NULL-like ?
ndenseMatrix-class Virtual Class "ndenseMatrix" of Dense Logical Matrices
dtrMatrix-class Triangular, dense, numeric matrices
nearPD Nearest Positive Definite Matrix
externalFormats Read and write external matrix formats
lsparseMatrix-classes Sparse logical matrices
lsyMatrix-class Symmetric Dense Logical Matrices
facmul Multiplication by Decomposition Factors
ltrMatrix-class Triangular Dense Logical Matrices
norm Matrix Norms
number-class Class "number" of Possibly Complex Numbers
nsparseMatrix-classes Sparse "pattern" Matrices
pMatrix-class Permutation matrices
rankMatrix Rank of a Matrix
lu (Generalized) Triangular Decomposition of a Matrix
rcond Estimate the Reciprocal Condition Number
printSpMatrix Format and Print Sparse Matrices Flexibly
ngeMatrix-class Class "ngeMatrix" of General Dense Nonzero-pattern Matrices
nnzero The Number of Non-Zero Values of a Matrix
qr-methods QR Decomposition -- S4 Methods and Generic
nsyMatrix-class Symmetric Dense Nonzero-Pattern Matrices
image-methods Methods for image() in Package 'Matrix'
ntrMatrix-class Triangular Dense Logical Matrices
rleDiff-class Class "rleDiff" of rle(diff(.)) Stored Vectors
indMatrix-class Index Matrices
rsparsematrix Random Sparse Matrix
kronecker-methods Methods for Function 'kronecker()' in Package 'Matrix'
ldenseMatrix-class Virtual Class "ldenseMatrix" of Dense Logical Matrices
sparseMatrix-class Virtual Class "sparseMatrix" --- Mother of Sparse Matrices
sparseMatrix General Sparse Matrix Construction from Nonzero Entries
matrix-products Matrix (Cross) Products (of Transpose)
symmpart Symmetric Part and Skew(symmetric) Part of a Matrix
nMatrix-class Class "nMatrix" of Non-zero Pattern Matrices
triangularMatrix-class Virtual Class of Triangular Matrices in Package Matrix
rep2abI Replicate Vectors into 'abIndex' Result
sparse.model.matrix Construct Sparse Design / Model Matrices
replValue-class Virtual Class "replValue" - Simple Class for subassignment Values
unpack Representation of Packed and Unpacked (Dense) Matrices
sparseLU-class Sparse LU decomposition of a square sparse matrix
solve-methods Methods in Package Matrix for Function solve()
uniqTsparse Unique (Sorted) TsparseMatrix Representations
spMatrix Sparse Matrix Constructor From Triplet
sparseVector Sparse Vector Construction from Nonzero Entries
sparseQR-class Sparse QR decomposition of a sparse matrix
symmetricMatrix-class Virtual Class of Symmetric Matrices in Package Matrix
sparseVector-class Sparse Vector Classes
Unused-classes Virtual Classes Not Yet Really Implemented and Used
updown Up- and Down-Dating a Cholesky Decomposition
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