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Visualization and Analysis Tools for Neural Networks

Visualization and analysis tools to aid in the interpretation of neural network models. Functions are available for plotting, quantifying variable importance, conducting a sensitivity analysis, and obtaining a simple list of model weights.

Functions in NeuralNetTools

Name Description
layer_lines Plot connection weights
layer_points Plot neural network nodes
neuralskips Get weights for the skip layer in a neural network
neuraldat Simulated dataset for function examples
bias_lines Plot connection weights for bias lines
bias_points Plot bias points
pred_sens Predicted values for Lek profile method
plotnet Plot a neural network model
garson Variable importance using Garson's algorithm
get_ys Get y locations for layers in plotnet
lekgrps Create optional barplot for lekprofile groups
lekprofile Sensitivity analysis using Lek's profile method
neuralweights Get weights for a neural network
olden Variable importance using connection weights
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Date 2018-07-26
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Date/Publication 2018-07-26 22:10:03 UTC

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