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Open Machine Learning and Open Data Platform

We provide an R interface to '' which is an online machine learning platform where researchers can access open data, download and upload data sets, share their machine learning tasks and experiments and organize them online to work and collaborate with other researchers. The R interface allows to query for data sets with specific properties, and allows the downloading and uploading of data sets, tasks, flows and runs. See <> for more information.

Functions in OpenML

Name Description
makeOMLStudy OMLStudy.
extractOMLStudyIds Extract IDs of a OMLStudy object
convertOMLTaskToMlr Convert an OpenML task to mlr.
listOMLDataSets List the first 5000 OpenML data sets.
listOMLEvaluationMeasures List available OpenML evaluation measures.
makeOMLTask Construct OMLTask.
getCachedOMLDataSetStatus Check status of cached datasets.
setOMLConfig Settter for configuration settings.
listOMLEstimationProcedures List available estimation procedures.
listOMLFlows List all registered OpenML flows.
deleteOMLObject Delete an OpenML object.
getOMLSeedParList Extract OMLSeedParList from run
getOMLDataSet Get an OpenML data set.
getOMLStudy Get OpenML Study information.
getOMLConfig Get OpenML configuration.
makeOMLEstimationProcedure Construct OMLEstimationProcedure.
loadOMLConfig Load OpenML configuration.
OMLDataSetDescription Construct OMLDataSetDescription.
convertOMLMlrRunToBMR Convert OMLMlrRuns to a BenchmarkResult.
tagOMLObject Tagging of OpenML objects
listOMLTaskTypes List available OpenML task types.
uploadOMLStudy Upload OpenML Study information.
makeOMLRun Construct OMLRun.
makeOMLRunParList Construct OMLRunParList.
uploadOMLRun Upload an OpenML run.
populateOMLCache Download a bunch of OpenML objects to cache.
listOMLDataSetQualities List available OpenML qualities names.
getOMLTask Get an OpenML task.
doAPICall Perform an API call to the OpenML server.
listOMLRunEvaluations List run results of a task.
listOMLRuns List the first 5000 OpenML runs.
convertOMLRunToBMR Convert an OpenML run set to a benchmark result for mlr.
uploadOMLTask Upload a task to the OpenML server.
getOMLFlow Download an OpenML flow.
getOMLDataSetQualities List available OpenML qualities with values for given data set.
makeOMLFlowParameter Construct OMLFlowParameter.
makeOMLFlow Construct OMLFlow.
makeOMLRunParameter Construct OMLRunParameter.
listOMLTasks List the first 5000 OpenML tasks.
makeOMLSeedParList Construct OMLSeedParList
runTaskMlr Run mlr learner on OpenML task.
runTaskFlow Reproduce the Run
uploadOMLDataSet Upload a data set to the OpenML server.
listOMLSetup List hyperparameter settings
downloadOMLObject Download an OpenML Object.
getOMLRunParList Extract OMLRunParList from run
getOMLRun Get an OpenML run.
saveOMLConfig Saves a list of OpenML configuration settings to file.
listOMLStudies list OpenML Studies.
uploadOMLFlow Upload an OpenML.
convertMlrTaskToOMLDataSet Converts a mlr task to an OpenML data set.
convertMlrLearnerToOMLFlow Converts an OMLFlow to an mlr learner.
OMLDataSet OMLDataSet.
chunkOMLlist Do chunked listings
clearOMLCache Clear cache directories
configuration OpenML configuration.
convertOMLDataSetToMlr Convert an OpenML data set to mlr task.
convertOMLFlowToMlr Converts a flow to a mlr learner.
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